Ties to Childhood


Day 3 of OctPoWriMo. It’s good to be writing poetry again.

And here’s Poem #3 . . .

today we’re asked to write in verse

about a poet born

how we felt about “the poem”

mocking, joy or scorn

well “these are my two drops of rain”

lives ever in my heart

thanks to mr a a milne

i’m off to quite a start

“i do so like them, sam-i-am”

applies to childhood poems

they stir my soul and warm my heart

remind me of my home

that is where i learned to love

the poet and the rhyme

from stacks of books around me piled

it was a simpler time

“a fly went by” and led the way

for quite the crazy lot

another story done in rhyme

that has a special spot

my heart o’erflows with childlike bliss

with memories that are fond

of all those stories that i read

back in days long gone


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