Good News/Bad News


Day 11 of OctPoWriMo . . .

The good news is . . .

The edits of LBMC are almost done.

The bad news is . . .

My throat is sore.

The good news is . . .

My car is very clean (not by my hand, FYI).

The bad news is . . .

My house is not.

The good news is . . .

I’ve made a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner.

The bad news is . . .

I have to brave the crowds tomorrow.

The good news is . . .

I had wonderful plans for creating a welcoming dining room.

The bad news is . . .

I had no motivation to do the rearranging.

The good news is . . .

I’m writing a poem today.

The bad news is . . .

You had to read my bad news.

Despite all that . . .



3 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Q

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! First of all, I didn’t even know y’all had a Thanksgiving! The foodie in me is dying to know what’s on a Canadian Thanksgiving shopping list! (I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef Canada, FYI).

    1. We’re having turkey, stuffing, gravy, biscuits, mixed veggies, apple and lemon meringue pie. (I would serve a salad as well, but it isn’t usually a big hit.) Pumpkin pie if often on the menu as well for Thanksgiving, but most members of my family are not fans. 🙂

      1. Q

        Wow, it’s so similar to Thanksgiving here! (salads do NOT go over well at Texas Thanksgivings, either haha).

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