Thanksgiving Check-In

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A week of reasons to celebrate . . .


My co-author and I have completed the edits. She has now moved on to finalizing photo selection and writing captions. Then . . . deep breath . . . it’s off to the typesetter. Mind boggling, to say the least.

I’m on track with OctPoWriMo. Fourteen poems written in fourteen days plus visiting a couple of my fellow poets each day. I love the challenge.

I’ve gone over a client’s collection of poems and tweaked them a final time . . . mostly a comma here and there.

I’m motoring along on the edit of another client’s historical novel; a third client’s non-fiction manuscript; and a fourth client’s story of his grandfather who fought in WWII.

I’ve begun to read Fellowscript, the InScribe newsletter. I may get it done before the next issue arrives. Yay!

I’ve begun an entry for InScribe’s 500-word challenge that must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday. I hope to finish it tomorrow. It’s just a fun way to keep writing.


I was honoured to meet my son’s girlfriend via Skype and talk with her for a few minutes.

Thinking we might have guests this past weekend, I did some extra housework. My dining room is again suitable for company – though a long way from picture-perfect.

I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with my family yesterday.

My hubby, daughter, and I popped by to visit my MIL today. She hasn’t been well and it was good to see her looking better. (She is such an inspiration. I pray I can grow old with as much grace as she exhibits.)

I have discovered compilations by my favourite vocalists on YouTube. It’s fun to listen to music while I work, though I often forget how much I enjoy it until I’m chair dancing again.

And now back to the edits I’m working on tonight. How’s it going for you, my fellow ROWers?




4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Check-In

  1. I’m happy you checked in for ROW80. Your week sounds upbeat and happy. Don’t you love Skype? So much better than the days we had to wait for the best hours to hold down the cost of long distance calls. My grandmother called me about once a week at 6:30 in the morning while I was in college to take advantage of the rates. Best wishes for smooth sailing this week!

    1. I can talk to my son two provinces away . . . and now, my other son’s girlfriend . . . one of my clients . . . The list goes on and on of course. Skype is great. I most definitely remember waiting for “the cheap rate” and a lot of things you’re too young to remember, Kathrese. 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize that you lived in Canada. In some ways I wish we had our Thanksgiving earlier. Ours ends up being the big event that starts the holiday season and somehow it takes away from the spirit of the Thanksgiving festivities.

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