October 20 ROW Check-In

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Whoosh! Did anyone see where that week went?

It was a week of victories and well, not defeats exactly . . .


I spent time with family and friends, always a good thing.

I finished up the final edit of a client’s collection of poems.

I got two chapters edited for another client.

I fired off pages 1-42 to a third client. I should be done his edit by the end of the week, all things being equal.

I kept up with my poetry writing for OctPoWriMo.

I wrote blog posts for Kimberley Payne’s site and for Christian Editing Services (Monday Motivation).

I posted my first contribution to The Birthing Site.

I wrote an entry for the Word Challenge for members of InScribe.

The Week Ahead

– work on three clients’ manuscripts

– write seven more poems

– write at least two guest posts

– read fiction and non-fiction daily

– visit my fellow ROWers and my fellow poets at OctPoWriMo

– attend my writers’ group

– exercise three to five times

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