Cricket Songs


Day 22 of OctPoWriMo . . .

They were to be lunch

They were to be gone

Before they could start

Singing their song

But lizard is gone

He died while we slept

He was the reason

Crickets were kept

Kept in a tank

Way down the stairs

But some have escaped

And their song, it now blares

When watching TV

When at my desk

Now and again

They give it a rest

I wonder what’s wrong

The funniest thing

I miss how they chirp

I miss how they sing

It reminds me of summertime

Out in the yard

Of warm nights and fireflies

When life isn’t hard

A reminder of childhood

Out in the sticks

Away from the city

And buildings of brick

So chirp all you like

And serenade me

Sing while I work

Sing and be free


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