October 23 ROW Check-In

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Though it may not sound like it, I’m learning to pace myself. With all the excitement around NaNoWriMo, I’m comfortable knowing now is not the time for me to participate.

So, what is it time for?


I s’pose I should think of deliberately promoting the book I co-authored. I saw the first draft of the book cover yesterday. Look, Gepetto, it’s a real book. 🙂


I’ve been keeping up with OctPoWriMo . . . and just found out there’s a similar challenge in April. Hm, I wonder . . .

I continue to guest blog weekly on Kimberley Payne’s site and on the Christian Editing Services site.

I haven’t gotten to the essay writing yet, but I will.


Why do I love working with other writers? Well, comments like this one sure don’t hurt: “I love my editor! She is the best . . . she makes me a better writer.” Talk about humbling!

I am currently working with three clients with others hovering in the queue.


As “an influencer,” I received a free copy of Ann Mateer’s latest novel, A Home for My Heart, in the mail . . . a real, physical book. Although I have hundreds of eBooks and quite a few eMagazines, I’ve decided I would never want to give up physical books.

Not counting the manuscripts I’m editing, I would still like to read from two of the novels I have on the go each day and from a non-fiction book three times a week . . . plus daily Bible reading. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s coming.

Skills Development

It looks like I’ll be spending the evening with Ina May Gaskin and attending the Birth and Beyond Conference on Saturday.

Among those non-fiction books I want to read are a number of skills development books.

I also have several websites I’d like to mine for priceless gems. However, my day only has 24 hours. How about yours? 🙂

Relationship Building

Please avert your eyes if you’re tired of reading that “I’m all about relationships” – but I am.

I look forward to meeting my son’s girlfriend when she comes for a visit in November.

I also look forward to spending time with family and friends, in person and via the Internet.

And last but not least . . .


Between now and Sunday, I will . . .

. . . do at least a half hour of cardio at least three days and do 2-4 resistance workouts.

. . . eat better

. . . drink more water

. . . limit my dessert intake to the weekend

. . . plan meals ahead for the next week (I love trying new slow cooker recipes in the fall.)

. . . help my daughter stick to her goals by setting a good example


2 thoughts on “October 23 ROW Check-In

  1. Tia Bach

    I love your fitness goals. I suck at drinking water. Any advice for me on how to remember? I know it’s so important. I am doing NaNo, but it’s been hard to hold myself back from writing until it starts. I wish I could make myself see everyday as a 1,667words a day goal. But it takes a public challenge. ARGH! 😉

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