Two More Poems


Day 24 of OctPoWriMo . . .

Yesterday’s funk – gone

The sun is shining again

Thankfulness surrounds

Day 25 . . .

Today my Action Plan does not overwhelm

I’ll visit the seven churches of Revelation

I’ll travel back in time to WWII Holland

And while I’m in Europe anyway

I’ll explore what England was like in the days of thatch houses and “the lowborn”

I’ll pop back across the Pond and visit the States in the early 20th century

And maybe jump in my time machine

And explore what may lie ahead in the days to come

I also have friends to visit in cyberspace

I have the best friends

At some point

I’ll have to place both feet firmly in the here and now


Prepare supper for tonight

And a pot of soup for Sunday

If there’s time (tee hee)

I may tend to laundry, vacuuming, and tidying up


I’m off

Have a glorious weekend

Thanks for stopping by


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