October 27 ROW Check-In

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I didn’t get quite as much done as I’d planned on the three projects I’m working on, but I made some serious headway, so I’m going to call it a win across the board.


I wrote my two guest posts for next week and seven poems. (Thank you, OctPoWriMo.)

I wrote three messages to my family on our FB group page.

I wrote an email to someone who does not share my views on a particular topic. I used to want to run and hide to avoid conflict. Now I try to think things through and state my perspective – if I feel it’s beneficial to do so. I’ve learned over the years that people who care for and respect one another don’t have to see eye to eye on everything nor do they have to avoid discussing those areas in which they think differently. (I’m sure that’s a “well d’uh” statement for many of you, but that’s OK too. :D)


I read a chapter weekly from Worship Matters.

I began reading the novel Home for My Heart by Ann Mateer. (I just love receiving free books in the mail.)

I’m also reading a pre-published book by Catherine West, Bridge of Faith. I am really enjoying it.

I have been asked to review Grace vs. Obedience and have made a teeny tiny start.


I did two upper body and two lower body workouts since Wednesday. I did not, however, get the cardio done.

I ate better and showed more restraint re: snacks, but my water intake is still lagging far behind what it should be.

Victory Report

I checked my phone bill and found that it was over $220 more than expected because of long distance calls to the UK (that yes, my son did make with our permission). We had been quoted a different per minute price and the phone company gave us an instant credit though their online rep had been wrong. Sometimes the big bad company isn’t so bad after all. Sure glad I checked.

What goals are on the horizon for this week, my fellow ROWers?


3 thoughts on “October 27 ROW Check-In

  1. That was brave of you, Steph, writing a letter to someone you disagree with. Avoiding conflict is my first reaction too, but I’ve been slowly learning that it isn’t the best reaction. Polite disagreements are the way we learn about each other, but they can be so very scary…

    Nice to know you’re having so much success elsewhere too (especially the healthy eating! I wish I could claim that, but this past week has been the week of “on the run” and too much on the go food to make up for the running). Good to know that you got that phone bill fixed! Wow… that could be disastrous without any warning.

      1. Oh, thank you, Steph. That’s sweet. As for this week… It’s already getting better. I took a bit of a day of yesterday, and it was balm for the soul.

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