Farewell (and ROW80)


Day 31 of OctPoWriMo . . .


fellow poets

until we meet again

to once again open our hearts

next year

ROW Logo

In the Rearview

– complete manuscripts fired off to two editing clients (the first edit at least)

– edit of reworked Chapters 13-17 fired off to a third client

– 31 Days of Thankfulness complete (FB statuses for the month of October)

– OctPoWriMo complete (31 poems written in 31 days)

– significant headway made reading A Home for My Heart

– this week’s chapter read in Worship Matters

– two mini lower body workouts and one upper body workout

Still Ahead

– guest posts to write

– more reading

And wait for it . . .

– housecleaning and decorating for Christmas (Before you get too worried, let me explain . . . My son’s girlfriend is flying across the Pond for a visit next week. Since we like our house best when it’s decorated for the holidays – and since our family Christmas this year may be very different – we’re putting out my hubby’s Department 56 village, decorating the indoor banister, and putting up the tree. Will I be tired of it by December 25? Quite possibly, but that’s OK.)

Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight


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