First November ROW Check-In

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Goals Achieved


– made significant headway on three clients’ manuscripts

– wrote Monday Motivation (Deadlines are a real motivator.)

– checked in with fellow ROWers

– completed OctPoWriMo

– came up with three picture book ideas to start PiBoIdMo


– covered for our church administrator for two days

– did some reading (I wish I did enough of this that it wouldn’t make the list as something special.)

– did a significant amount of cleaning and reorganizing (though there’s always lots more to do)

– got the front room ready for Christmas (It looks best that way and we’re having company this coming week. We don’t usually decorate until December. :D)

– ironed out details for the Christmas Eve service (which actually takes a writing goal off my list and that’s OK)

This Week’s Goals


– assemble The Word Guild November newsletter

– read over the reworked chapters of a client’s work

– post a mid-week check-in and visit my fellow ROWers

– attend the book launch of Tim Huff’s new book (where my co-author is being honoured as a special guest)

– come up with seven more ideas for PiBoIdMo

– post on my blog, my website, and my FB author’s page

– prep at least one post for each: Kimberley Payne’s site, Monday Motivation, The Birthing Site, and Under the Cover of Prayer

– get started on any editing projects in the queue if my clients pass the ball back to my court


– finish making the house presentable for our company

– do a half dozen or so sketches to go along with my picture book ideas

– attend the Birth and Beyond conference

– two lower body workouts and two upper body workouts

– two to three cardio workouts

– eat w-a-y better (I haven’t been doing well in this area.)

Keep on going, NaNoWriMo’ers and PiBoIdMo’ers. You can do it!

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