So Many Words

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Spoken Words

I have very much enjoyed visiting with my son and his girlfriend. She is here from across the Pond.

My thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and guest speakers of the Birth and Beyond Conference. I was able to attend Friday night and all day Saturday. There’s always so much to learn.

Of course, it’s always a privilege to attend church – even when I’d rather stay snuggled in my warm bed. I am well aware that there are many places where those who gather do so at great risk.

Written Words

May the words I write this week encourage and build up those who read them.

Edited Words

I should be able to make significant headway on two manuscripts this week.

Read Words

There are so many books, ebooks, and blogs to read. I hope to read both nonfiction and fiction at least five days this week.

Promised Words

I promise to read God’s Word and pray this week.

I promise to spend time with my family.

I promise to reach out to my friends in person and online.

No Words

In honour of those who fought – and continue to fight – to secure a peaceful future . . . and those who lost their lives in the Philippines (and perhaps, elsewhere), a moment of silence . . .


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