Head Shake Time

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The end of the year is fast approaching. That means it’s Head Shake Time – for me, at least.

Way back in college, our professor gave us an exercise. What do you want to accomplish in life? With that in mind, where do you need to be in five years? in one year? next month? next week?

I know, of course, that things don’t always go according to our itinerary (rarely, actually), but it doesn’t hurt to have a destination in mind.

Long-Term Destinations


I want to help others polish their work and make it the best it can be. I want to be a team member who gets encouraging, life-changing messages to readers.


The possibilities are far-reaching. Being eclectically-interested offers no end to ideas. However, focus is another story. The ideas are still chasing one another around my head, but I’m waiting to see where the ride takes me.


I want to be available to attend one or two births per month for years to come.


I want to maintain my PTS certification and complete the requirements for my CPFE certification. I will then feel prepared if opportunities arise, but I can’t see myself actively pursuing them at this time.


This is a catch-all category, but it contains my highest priorities.


I want to grow in my faith and share it more and more effectively with others.


I want to help my husband achieve some of his dreams. (He has been such a faithful provider at a job that was supposed to be temporary. It began over 30 years ago.)

I would like to do my part to see our three established out there in the big wide world.

I would like to re-established communication with extended family members. It’s too easy to drift apart because of distance, busyness, and the unbelievably quick passage of time.

Personal (Achieving the following two goals will help in every other area.)

I want to get as fit as is reasonable.

I want to de-clutter my home and my head over the next year.

The Road Map



– finish current projects with two of my clients

– work with ongoing clients

– make a start with new clients


– post three times per week here (beyond my ROW check-ins)

– post weekly (or more often) on my website

– write weekly posts for Monday Motivation

– write three to four monthly posts for Kimberley’s site

– develop an idea from PiBoIdMo and submit it or another that is ready to go

– write the essay (and maybe even the research paper) for my CPFE certification


– advertise a little


– work on the requirements for my certification at least one day per week



– daily Bible study and prayer

– fellowship with church family

– sharing my faith as the opportunity presents itself (in person and in writing)


– keep an eye and ear out for employment opportunities for my hubby (He would love to be in full-time music ministry.)

– work diligently so I can help with our expenses

– be more frugal (I’m a spender. Sigh!)

– post regularly on our family Facebook page, including questions that will hopefully, open up a dialogue

– prep a schedule to make sure I keep in touch with extended family members (As you know, I need my lists.)


– prep AND STICK TO an exercise schedule

– plan ahead for healthy eating (I prefer it to unhealthy eating, but I often fall into the routine of just grabbing what’s easiest.)

– prep and stick to a routine as much as possible (This will help de-clutter my mind.)

– include housework on my weekly schedule (For all you amazing homemakers out there, you may now stop laughing and pointing – please. :D)

And why did I declare this Head Shake Time? I hope to clear the cobwebs and renew my focus by doing do.


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