Checking In

Slow Down Challenge (1)

Yesterday I joined a new kind of challenge . . . Jeff Goins’ Slow Down Challenge.

Day 1 includes taking a 15-minute walk and noticing things others may miss. With camera in hand, it’s easy to see things differently.

I took pictures of individual leaves on the sidewalk; an overgrown path; an abandoned storage shed; interesting tree bark; etc.

Though I don’t have the option of taking video on my camera, I did enjoy watching leaves carried along by the wind and black squirrels bounding away as I approached.

We only have this moment and I’m seeking to reclaim it.

In the midst of your busyness, are you willing to take the challenge. It may help you determine – and focus on – what is truly important.

ROW LogoEditing

– edited manuscript sent off to Client #1

– on track to send first 17 revised chapters to Client #2 by the end of the week

– reading Client #3’s revised Chapters 1-4; will send off with comments tomorrow

Other Goals

Listing goals is easy. Defining priorities – and living by them . . . that’s another story.

With the busyness of the holiday season fast approaching, one of my main goals is to determine what should stay on my list and what should be set aside.

Right now, my writing-related priorities are editing and keeping current with my guest posts.

Day 2 of the Slow Down Challenge is to savor those moments we normally rush past or those situations we may be tempted to resent.

Slow Down Challenge (2)

Have you considered joining A Round of Words in 80 Days or The Slow Down Challenge? I’m glad I did.


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