Do I?

Do I rejoice in my faith


mourn for those without it?

Do I find satisfaction in my accomplishments


question if I’ve wasted far too much time on what isn’t truly important?

Do I allow others to perceive me as extroverted and positive


admit sometimes I want to run far, far away?

Do I pretend everything’s OK


dump on those whose problems are more overwhelming than my own?

Do I let others believe I’ve got my act together


admit my questions and shortcomings?

Do I consider opposing points of view


withdraw to a dark corner of my mind, hoping no-one will notice me?

Do I seek to explain what I’m grappling with


give in to the what’s-the-use mentality?

Do I focus on myself


reach out to others?

Though I find my positive attitude often returns when I spend more time focusing on others, I know they feel much more at liberty to share their doubts and struggles if I admit my own.

Life is a journey – and I’m still pressing on, sometimes full speed ahead, sometimes plodding along as if wearing cement shoes and dragging a semi. 

How about you? Where’s your focus today?


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