The Slow Down Challenge

Slow Down Challenge (3)

On Day 3 of The Slow Down Challenge, we were challenged to set everything else aside and focus on the task at hand.

If any of you know me, you realize I talk – a lot. When I’m listening to another, I am too often thinking of how to interject. It isn’t because I don’t care about others. I truly do.

My ongoing focus will be to actively listen. And by “actively,” I mean to concentrate on what the speaker is saying and keep the focus on him/her when I do speak. That doesn’t mean I won’t refer to those things that affect me directly or express things from my perspective, but I want to do so far less often.

It is my hope to incorporate Focus plus Notice (Day 1) and Savor (Day 2) into every day from here on out.

Slow Down Challenge (4)

Today, I’ve come to Day 4: Let Go

“The legacy of your life will not be judged by how many emails you responded to or how well you maximized your lunch break. It will be measured, I believe, by how interruptible you were . . . We don’t become who we’re supposed to be by checking off one more thing on the to-do list. The path to legacy comes to those who help others, who make time for interruptions.” – Jeff Goins

This may seem paradoxical to yesterday’s admonition to focus. However, it actually helps us clarify where our focus should be.

Should we be so consumed with crossing off everything on our To Do lists or be willing to graciously face life’s interruptions and value the people responsible for those interruptions?

My attention often flits from one project to the next. Although I’m an extrovert, I sometimes resent those times I can’t juggle half a dozen things at once. For example, I’d far rather chat via email because I can do something else while waiting for a response. A phone call on the other hand . . . I do love to socialize, but when I’m in a crowd, I tend to flit from person to person.

Some may say I have ADD. When I’m extra fidgety, they may even think it’s ADHD. It’s neither. I simply must learn to live in the moment and value the individual(s) whose paths cross mine.

While seeking to accomplish what I should today, I will seek to be 100 percent attentive when I’m speaking with someone in person, on the phone, and/or via Skype.

May we all learn when to Hold On and when to Let Go.


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