Thankful to Slow Down

Slow Down Challenge (5)

Day 5 of The Slow Down Challenge emphasizes thankfulness. Since Thanksgiving occurs in October in Canada, throughout the month, I posted things to be thankful for on my Facebook profile. I have included them below in reverse order.

Day 31 of Thankfulness Month . . . I’m thankful for the following 31 blessings (plus many, many more).
1. parents who loved me
2. shopping and road trips with Mom
3. snowmobiling and building snowmen with Dad
4. horseback riding
5. a basically uneventful five years of high school (Was I bored and lonely at times? Absolutely. Did I avoid a lot of heartache and consequences down the road? Most definitely.)
6. the friendships that have endured over the years
7. the decision to return for Grade 13 rather than move out and attend Sheridan (I wasn’t ready to do so at 17.)
8. “just happening to come across” a catalogue for Ontario Bible College in my high school guidance office
9. meeting my future hubby at OBC (though I was adamant that I was not there to do just that)
10. the fact that Dave was there at the same time I was (If he’d attended right out of high school, he would have been and gone before my first year.)
11. a husband who has loved me unconditionally for over 30 years
12. (David) Nathanial – our “beloved gift of God”
13. Joshua Aaron – very much like his dad and as eclectically-interested as I am
14. Sarah Elizabeth – the daughter I always wanted (And as I said to her, “I just wasn’t smart enough to know I wanted sons as well, so God gave them to me first.”)
15. the certainty that we were to move
16. the call from Gary Carter that led to our move to St. Thomas
17. special occasions that brought the extended family together many times over the years
18. a hardworking husband who provided for our needs so I could stay home and raise N, J, and S
19. the opportunity to homeschool
20. the home daycare I ran for five years
21. my stint as a personal trainer (Though I have maintained my certification, I am not training at present.)
22. my doula clients (past and future) (I love being part of the birth team.)
23. Karen Burkett and Christian Editing Services (What a privilege it is to work with Karen and the clients who come my way through CES!)
24. my amazing writers’ group (Love you, ladies!)
25. The Word Guild and the annual Write! Canada conference
26. InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship
27. OctPoWriMo (the challenge to write 31 poems during the month of October; only one more to go)
28. PiBoIdMo (the challenge to come up with 31 picture book ideas during the month of November) (This will be my third year participating, and one of these years, one of my ideas will become a published book. That’s the plan, at any rate.)
29. the opportunity to co-author Deb Willows’ memoir, Living Beyond My Circumstance, which will be released late November/early December
30. the opportunity to fellowship with and work alongside the Eastwood family
31. that this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg

Day 30 . . . As the month winds down, there are still so many things I could list to be thankful for. In fact, I could list something every day from now until God calls me Home and I would barely have scratched the surface. So there, that’s what I’m thankful for today: so many things for which to be thankful.

Day 29 . . . I am thankful I was able to work ahead a little yesterday and make myself available to cover for our church administrator.

Surely I didn’t miss Days 26-28, but I can’t find them on my FB page.

Although I didn’t write anything under the heading Day 25 . . . I thought I messed up my blog homepage but found I didn’t, and that is something to be thankful for.

Day 24 . . . I am thankful that every day I wake up means I have a purpose. May I accomplish that purpose today.

Day 23 . . . for “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:6-8).

Day 22 . . . for my writers’ group. Love the ladies of WWC (Women Writing for Christ). I’m looking forward to our second last meeting of the year. (We break for the winter months. [pout])

Day 21 . . . I’m thankful that personal struggles remind me that everyone is facing a challenge of some sort – often several. Empathy is definitely sympathy’s big brother – in my experience at least.

Day 20 . . . for a church family with whom to worship.

Day 19 . . . Autumn is my favourite season. I am thankful for the vibrant colours and eyes to see and for the smell of fallen leaves and the sense of smell.

Day 18 slipped under the radar somehow.

Day 17 . . . for editing clients. I get to read so many interesting books, etc. this way.

Day 15 . . . I am thankful every day for a patient, loving, hardworking husband of over 31 years.

Day 14 . . . for kind words. They are like a warm blanket on a cold day.

Day 13 . . . for a church family and others I can call on in good times and rough ones.

Day 12 . . . I’m extremely thankful for things to do that keep me going, even when I’m under the weather.

Day 11 . . . I was honoured to meet (via Skype) the young lady who has come to mean so much to Son #1. (I look forward to meeting her in person in November.) (The visit was a wonderful success.)

Day 10 . . . for a lovely October evening and time with my husband and daughter.

Day 9 . . . for the Internet for many reasons. One is the ability to stay in touch with family. Love you all. (((hugs)))

Day 8 . . . for a comfortable, safe place to lay my head.

On October 7, I was busy tweaking the manuscript I co-authored. There is still hope that it will be available before the end of the year, and that is certainly something to be thankful for.

Day 6 . . . for a day set aside to fellowship with our church family and worship the Lord

Day 5 . . . for the privilege of attending Shawn and Christina’s wedding.

Apparently, while highlighting the lessons I learned from our pastor, I did not post Days 2-4. However, I am thankful for the many lessons I learned from Pastor Doug, especially during the time we worked together in the church office.

Day 1 . . . for longtime friends like Beth Rockwell who have taught me much from their example and for God who caused our paths to cross.

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