Snowbound Check-In

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Instead of ROWing, I may have to take up skiing or snowshoeing.

We had over 60 cm of snow this past Sunday. Overnight they’re calling for as much as 30 cm more.

The weather outside is, indeed, frightful.

Regardless, in honour of all our American ROWers, this is going to be a positive check-in 1) because it’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and 2) because I always have much to be thankful for, holiday or not.


Despite reviewing the wrong version of a client’s manuscript (yes, I really did that), I am making headway on the correct version.

I’ve been cleaning out my inbox. (I so wish this counted as housework.)

Karen Burkett and I have been working on the details of a new coaching service to be offered on Christian Editing Services.

I think I’ve located the perfect place to take pictures for a family on Saturday – weather permitting.

I should soon write Christmas cards. This year I may be sending out a family letter. We’ll see.

Future Success

I have two additional manuscripts to review this coming week as well as continuing to work on the one I mentioned above.

I’ve made a list of blogs I want to read regularly . . . now, just to do it.

I must set aside time for reading fiction and skills development books.

Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving


3 thoughts on “Snowbound Check-In

  1. Ok, if I used the online converter right, you’re saying you got nearly 24 inches of snow, right? With another 12-ish expected? Eep! Here’s hoping you have plenty of good food to eat and that the internet connection stays good and strong!

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