Advent Check-In

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It’s the first Sunday of Advent, a time to revisit the humanity of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. I was so thankful that our pastor reminded us, from Ephesians 1, of the riches we have in Him.

With only one more month left in 2013, it’s also time to revisit my goals for Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days.

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– complete a novel and a non-fiction book each month (This is probably a little on the ambitious side, but we’ll see what happens.) I haven’t read near as much as I would like to, but I have no end of wonderful reading material, for which I am very thankful.

– meet with the other member of our Book Club for Two group as she finishes each book we’ve chosen (We’ve discussed the first book. It was fun.) Because life has gotten busy for both of us, we haven’t met again, but I do get to touch base on a fairly regular basis. Hopefully, in the New Year, we can meet every six to eight weeks to discuss a new book.

– read more blog posts, especially those on the craft of writing I don’t suppose saving them in a To Be Read file counts, huh?

– read my critique partner’s manuscripts I am definitely not complaining, but 1) I have been busy editing manuscripts for others; working on the final edits of the book I co-authored (which is due out soon – Woohoo!); and spending time with family.


– check in at least once per week (probably twice most weeks) I think I’ve checked in twice each week.

– as a sponsor, visit “my peeps” I’ve been keeping up fairly well.

– pop by our Facebook pages every now and then I haven’t been spending much time visiting Pages. I do, however, have my Profile open almost 100 percent of the time I’m on my computer.

Other Stuff

– spend time with family regularly I have, thankfully, been able to do so, which is a very good thing because Son #1 may be moving to Scotland early in the New Year.

– prep more meals from scratch This is definitely something to add to my Action Plan for 2014. It hasn’t happened too too much this round.

– exercise 3-5 times per week Almost all the reasons I have for not doing so would be resolved by doing so. Too tired? Exercise gives me ambition. Too much to do? Exercise helps me think more clearly and work more efficiently. In a funk? Exercise releases endorphins, thereby, giving me a more positive attitude. You are all free to remind me of each and every one of these truths if I don’t get at it.

– fulfill my volunteer responsibilities I’m re-evaluating what I should set aside so I can better accomplish those things I still have on my Action Plan – or as one friend calls it, my I Get To List (I love that).

And now for this week’s plans . . .

Prepare and fire off the first draft of TWG newsletter to the editor and reviewers.

Work on four manuscripts for my clients; finish two of them.

Chat with an editing client Monday evening.

Have lunch with a friend on Tuesday.

Mail three Christmas parcels.

Write Christmas cards.

Do more Christmas shopping. (The majority is done – though not wrapped.)

Watch 5-10 episodes of Dr. Who with my daughter.

Make at least three meals from scratch – hopefully more.

Exercise daily 15-30 minutes.

Read and journal at least five times.

Have a Joyous Holiday Season!

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7 thoughts on “Advent Check-In

  1. We did the majority of our Christmas shopping tonight. You would not believe how hard it is to find trivets — something my girlfriend’s mom asked for since she’s got new counters. The only one we still need to shop for are the girlfriend’s niece, who is 15 and for each other.

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