No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye . . .

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This is 1) a late Sunday check-in or 2) an early Wednesday check-in. Since I’m an optimist, I go for Option 2.

So, just where am I with my goals?


Two projects – done (I hope)

Two others – getting close (In fact, one of these should be done today [Tuesday].)

Fifth project – planning to go over a chapter a second time and give more detailed advice to my client


Monday Motivation (weekly) – on track, though I would like to get some written and stashed away for the next few weeks

Kimberley Payne’s blog (weekly – more or less) – I plan to get a post to Kimberley Tuesday or Wednesday and then work ahead to give me a jumpstart on the New Year.

Steph Beth Nickel – I must, must, must begin to update my website regularly, including adding a blog page.

SNEI (you are here) – I have guest posts tucked away from other bloggers. I really must continue to post them and plan ahead for posts of my own.


I’ve begun a number of books (both fiction and non-). It’s time to motor through and get them read – and post book reviews.


Yay! I’ve made a jumpstart on my goal for 2014 (The Year of the Great De-Clutter).

I’ve transferred our DVDs into the cabinet our son gave us for Christmas and put out the VCR tapes (yes, we still have some) to give my family a chance to claim those they don’t want me to sell (tee hee)/give away/toss.

I’ve organized our music CDs – and came across the soundtrack for The Nativity Story. What great motivation! (I really should write and edit to music all the time.) (By the way, I love the song Labor of Love. Powerful!)

Knowing I have a plan for the year to come makes it easy to look at the excess and not be annoyed. It will get done.


Finish getting shopping and wrapping – I’m getting close.

Write a Christmas poem and distribute it to family and friends – I used to do this all the time, but it has been awhile. Hopefully it gets done again the year.

Write and mail Christmas cards – I purchased some beautiful ones. I best get at it.

Wishing You Christmas Wonder and New Year’s Blessings

10 thoughts on “No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye . . .

  1. Ramona

    In Memory of Libby, who died Sept. 7 and since you’ve been talking about goals….. My ongoing New Year’s resolution

    I wondered why my two dogs, Libby a Shepherd cross and Gracie a black lab, came home later than usual one night. Libby seemed to climb up the stairs of the deck with difficulty. And Gracie, had burrs sticking out of her fur down along her back and her tail. Both of them pushed past me as they both tried to get through the cottage door at the same time.

    They headed straight to their bucket of water for a long drink. I was surprised when they collapsed on the kitchen floor because neither of them was at all interested in eating their traditional bed time snack. Twelve hours later both dogs were still sleeping. Libby, in the guest room, was stretched out on top of all of my comforters on the bed, with her head on a pillow. Gracie didn’t open her eyes and move off of her fleece doggie bed when I whispered the word “treat”.

    Then the next day, over a shared supper with my neighbors I was told “we really don’t believe Libby (the Shepherd cross) is as old as you say.”

    Puzzled I asked “why?”

    “We saw a fox dash across the front of our cottage last night. And there was Libby in hot pursuit. Gracie wasn’t too far behind. Then we saw the fox dashing past us again, now in the other direction. And there was Libby still following close behind.”

    It all made sense now why “the girls” had come home dog tired. And why Libby, then at the ripe old age of thirteen, only raised her head and looked at me when I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.

    Nothing over the years has irritated me more and yet brought comfort at the same to me, as my two dogs.

    Libby wisely over time has learned to leave matters of my heart to Gracie. Who seems to know, even before I do, when I’m off kilter. About the time the messiness of life is just getting too much for me to handle and the tears begin to come; there’s Gracie suddenly at my side. Her hazel brown eyes will stare into my face. If I don’t seem to be able to reign in my emotions Gracie will begin to whine and bark.

    Libby, now ready to do her part will come and sit with her smiling face directly in front of me and with her tail wagging, she looks as if she is saying “I’m slower but I’m ready if you are. Don’t give up persistence is the name of game. “

    It seems I’m an open book to them. And as laughter and a renewed perspective begins to take hold of me, often the phone will ring with a friend or my husband suddenly calling me to see how I am doing. Within seconds they will accurately pick up that something is just not right and without skipping a beat they’ll ask, “Have you gone out for a walk or paddle yet?”

    Libby and Gracie’s mutual acceptance of their limitations and willingness to co operate (Together we can get her out of the house!) have helped me remember not to let pride get in the way of my life. I am learning to accept my limitations better. Yes I will stay active but I don’t have to, at my age with health issues, prove anything to anyone by being active beyond my own capabilities. Libby and Gracie have found that although they are slower, their combined knowledge and experience has made them very successful. I’m finding too that there is great satisfaction in joining forces with other people who have a common goal in mind. The body of Christ does that for me. Through the body I am reminded that I can be a woman of hope. Love over the years has kept the dogs from wandering too far from my side, well most of the time. May I never be free from wanting you Lord. Keep me from the tyranny of unrealistic expectations. Help me always “get it”. You delight and love me for who I am, not what I think I “should” become because we are all the apple of your eye.

  2. Ack, I still need to get Christmas cards….auuugh…

    Good luck with the shopping and the wrapping…oh geeze, I need to get wrapping paper too. All we have right now is a roll of Justin Bieber paper that we’re wrapping the girlfriend’s niece’s gift in as a joke.

  3. You’ve done a lot this week! Good for you for keeping up with decluttering – I let that one go a while back. Maybe I’ll get back at it after New Years. I have to get on my cards, and soon – and still have gifts to buy – yikes!

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