Looking Forward

Twenty-eleven was the Year of Encouragement.

Twenty-twelve . . . the Year of No Excuses.

Twenty-thirteen . . . the Year of Riding Shotgun.

And twenty-fourteen . . . the Year of the Great Declutter. It’s already becoming clear that this declutter will involve more than simply going through the excess stuff in our home and getting rid of what we aren’t using.

Being eclectically-interested lends itself to being easily distracted. By focusing on one endeavour at a time, I will be able to declutter my mind. I’m also thinking of dropping certain pursuits in order to more effectively focus on others.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting and eventful twelve months. By this time next year, I should be breathing a lot easier – and finding it doable to keep a fairly clean and tidy home. The benefits to a decluttered mind will be even more beneficial.

One thing I have again committed to is A Round of Words in 80 Days.

ROW Logo

Before I look ahead to my writing goals for 2014, let’s see how I’ve done during Round 4 this year.


This is the first time I’ve added this category. The book I co-authored, Living Beyond My Circumstances, former Paralympian Deb Willows’ memoir, is due out in November. This is absolutely surreal. (I’m sure anyone who has walked this path can relate.)

I must take advantage of my Internet and physical connections to get the word out. There were unavoidable delays, but the book will be out soon and although Deb will be doing the lion’s share of the promoting, I should do what I can. This is definitely going on my list for next year.


– participate in OctPoWriMo done

– continue to blog and guest blog regularly (If you’re interested in guest blogging here, just let me know. I’d love to entertain guests two to four times per month.) I haven’t posted here as much as I’d like to, but all in all, I’d call this a win.

– finish at least one of the papers for my certification course This course is one of the things I’m considering dropping. (I may approach CAPPA to see if I can suspend it for the time being. We’ll see.)

– possibly work on my picture books, my middle grade chapbook, and/or my women’s fiction not this round

– meet with my writers’ group in October and November (Then we break for the winter because of road conditions.) I really miss the ladies over the winter. We may have to get together for coffee and dessert to tide us over.


– work with my current and new clients I’ve been comfortably busy, for which I’m very thankful. I’m also humbled by the many kind words from clients whose work I’ve changed drastically.


– complete a novel and a non-fiction book each month (This is probably a little on the ambitious side, but we’ll see what happens.) It didn’t happen this round, but more reading is definitely on my Action Plan for 2014.

– meet with the other member of our Book Club for Two group as she finishes each book we’ve chosen (We’ve discussed the first book. It was fun.) With my friend’s workload at school – and with my own at home – we haven’t gotten together a second time.

– read more blog posts, especially those on the craft of writing a little

– read my critique partner’s manuscripts I had hoped to do so this week, but then two editing clients got in touch – and that’s a good thing.


– check in at least once per week (probably twice most weeks) I’ve been a day or two late from time to time (like now, for instance), but I’ve kept up.

– as a sponsor, visit “my peeps” When I missed them one day, I added them to my next round of visits.

– pop by our Facebook pages every now and then minimal

Other Stuff

– spend time with family regularly some

– prep more meals from scratch a few

– exercise 3-5 times per week <giggle, giggle, snort> That means no. (grin)

– fulfill my volunteer responsibilities pretty much

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward

    1. I’m seriously considering letting my personal training certification expire and dropping (or putting on hold) my Pregnancy Fitness Educator course . . . or maybe handing it off to someone else, if they’ll let me do that. I believe my main focuses will be editing, writing, and reading, plus serving as labour doula for six to twelve clients. That plus decluttering our home should more than fill my time.

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