Upper Body Workout

Power Lifter

When my shoulders are tight and I’m tired of sitting at the computer, I can curl up on the couch and watch an episode of a favourite show or . . .

I’ve often found the following exercises relief the tension and make me feel better, knowing I’ve done something good for me.

Please remember to check with your doctor before beginning – or changing – your exercise routine.

Select handweights that are best suited to your level of fitness. I use five-pounders and do two sets of twelve.

Before doing any upper body exercise, be conscious of your posture. Also, roll shoulders back and relax your shoulders – up, back, and down.

Blow out as you make the effort with each exercise.

Lastly, remember to control the movement at all times. No swinging allowed.

Standing Row

– stand upright

– extend arms in front of you, palms facing one another

– contract the lat muscles (lower back) to draw back your elbows

– when upper arms are parallel with your sides, extend them again

Pectoral Pull

– hold your arms to the sides at shoulder height with a 90-degree bend at the elbows

– squeeze your pectoral (chest) muscles and draw your arms together

– when they touch (elbows to wrists) return to starting position

Shoulder Double Lift

– hold weights at your sides

– lift arms straight out in front to shoulder height, palms facing floor

– return to starting position

– lift arms out to the sides to shoulder height

– return to starting position

– repeat sequence

Reverse Fly

– bend forward from waist, keeping back flat

– let arms dangle toward floor

– bend elbows slightly, tighten muscles across your upper back, and lift (don’t swing) arms out to your sides, keeping the same bend in the elbows

– carefully return to starting position

Biceps Curl

– hold handweights at your sides, palms facing forward

– tighten your biceps and lift the weights

– return to starting position

Triceps Extension

– lift both arms overhead, palms facing one another

– keep elbows by the ears

– gently lower weights toward your back

– contract your triceps and lift your arms overhead

Hint: Keep the elbows right by your ears.

Reverse Curl

This is the same as the biceps curl only your palms face the back wall in the starting position. It is more of a workout for the forearms.

Bent-Over Triceps Extension with Twist

– bend forward from the waist, keeping your back flat

– lift your elbows while squeezing shoulder blades

– from this position, extend your arms

– to engage all muscles of the triceps, twist your arms until palms face the floor

– keep elbows lifted and repeat

And now you’re ready to get back to work – or have a nap. Your choice.

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