Sunday Check-In

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The blogging is going well . . . for other sites. I think I may have to come up with a schedule for SNEI. Waiting for the Lightning Bolt of Inspiration to hit each time I sit down to write is just a tad unrealistic.

My client has decided to go ahead with brainstorming ideas for blog posts while we work on her book. I hope to use the information she has provided to write two more posts this week. We will get together over lunch late January/early February to discuss the plans in more detail.


I’m pretty much on track with the work that’s at hand.

Plus, I’m reading regularly from Mignon Fogarty’s The Grammar Devotional and have added Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and Bird by Bird to my 2014 Reading List. Skills development is always a good thing.


And speaking of reading . . . I have made a list of books to read this year. It is most definitely subject to change, but I thought it was a good idea to focus – or my version thereof. I’ve found that having only one book on the go at a time just doesn’t work for me.

I will have finished Karen Ball’s What Lies Within; Evan Angler’s Swipe and Paul Kasch’s Grace vs. Obedience by the end of the month. I will also have re-read the last chapter and the epilogue of Janet Sketchley’s Heaven’s Prey and made a significant dent in Sandra Orchard’s Shades of Truth.

On my February list is Kait Nolan’s Once Upon a Snow Day – among others.

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be back in the habit of reading?

Getting Active

Baby steps . . . this year I am advancing in baby steps. But as I’ve often said, “At least a small step in the right direction is a step in the right direction.” (Profound, huh?)

I’m applying this principle on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I am limiting sweet snacks to two days per week. I think self-control is the number one benefit to this decision – and an increased appetite for healthy food.

This month I have also begun to add cardio. The plan is to get my heart rate up five days per week. Last week, I kept moving for five minutes per day. Next week will be 10. The following week will be 15 . . . and so forth until I reach 30 minutes. In February I will add resistance training twice per week for the first two weeks and three times per week after that. I’ve also taken up The Plank Challenge. I won’t likely be advancing as quickly as the plan suggests, but again . . . baby steps.


I haven’t made much headway in this area as of yet, but I have gotten started and I’d call that a win.

How about you? How are your plans for 2014 coming together?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In

  1. def. a win:) – baby steps are good after in no time at all babies are running around climbing jumping and nattering nineteen to the dozen:) I was losing reading – so joined some challenges last year and had a great time – I keep time every month to read – it’s a great feeling I agree – all the best 🙂

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