Since Last We Spoke

Celebrate Banner

The book I co-authored is now available.

Book and Pen Pic

I’ve made headway on a new editing job.

Fountain Pen Pic

I’ve written some blog posts.

Girl on Stack of Books

I’m pretty much on track with my reading.

Cartoon Apple Pic

I’m becoming more disciplined with my eating.

Power Lifter

I’m following my baby steps toward incorporating more and more exercise into the week.

Thanks to wpclipart for the images.

What do you have to celebrate this week?


6 thoughts on “Since Last We Spoke

  1. Oh, Steph,

    This is so cute and succinct! I can celebrate that, and your progress!

    For me, I can celebrate revisions, blogposts, a warm house in bitterly cold weather, being able to let sick people rest when they need to, nourishing food, a man who loves me and whom I love, children who challenge an delight, and friends around the world….

    That’s good, for a start! =)

    Happy living, Steph!

  2. Nice clipart. Timely check-in. Helpful reminder of what is truly important here. Congrats on your balanced progress. Right now I’m celebrating (and waiting) for the final proof of my book. If the margins are OK, I’m going to hit that ‘publish’ button. Meanwhile, I’m working my way through the conversion to Kindle/Smashwords and hoping to finish before January ends. All’s good even if I didn’t post a Weds check-in. Back at you by Sunday!

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