Life in Focus

Man with Binoculars

If I don’t want to get to the end of the day and ask myself, “Did I really accomplish anything of value?” I must identify my priorities and focus on achieving the most important thing first, the second most important second, etc.

And, no matter what I’m doing, I must keep my motives firmly in check.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, my number one priority must be to get to know God and His plans for me. It doesn’t matter how long I live; there will always be more to learn.

Just how can I do this?

1. read, study, and memorize portions of Scripture

2. pray more

3. fellowship with His children

4. share the gospel

I believe my second priority is to tend to my responsibilities as a wife and mother. Since my three are grown, praying for my kids and encouraging them verbally and through cards, notes, FB correspondence, emails, etc. pretty much sums up what I will do in that regard. My hubby has some aspirations I can help him attain, which means I will have to bring in funds consistently. Plus, I do want to achieve The Great Declutter this year, which will benefit us as a family – not to mention clear my head.

My paid and volunteer responsibilities get all jumbled up together re: level of priority. However, each day will hold tasks that I must slot into my Action Plan.

Time for family, friends, and acquaintances must fit in there too. Depending on what’s going on, I have to set my priorities in this area on a day to day basis.

And then there’s those I Really Want To items. Sometimes they fit into one or more of the above categories – and sometimes they don’t. However, in order to withdraw and regroup, I believe it’s okay to sprinkle them throughout the day.

We all likely have countless items on our I Should list. Taking an honest look at our priorities may mean we delete many of them. Asking ourselves, “Who says?” when we encounter an I Should will help us filter out the voices in our head that deserve to be ignored.

If we are able to determine our priorities and budget our time and energy, we will be much closer to having a life in focus.

So, how do you keep your eye on the most important things?


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