Why We Should Eat Desserts Only on Weekends

Back when I began posting on Kimberley Payne’s site, I told her I would re-post articles the Friday after she ran them. (FYI . . . I have a good memory, but it’s short.)

I thought it was about time I began this practice. 

The following appeared on Kimberley’s blog Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Apple Pie Pic

My family used to eat desserts only on weekends. Years ago we got out of the habit and I’ve found it difficult to get back at it.

However, January 2014 seemed like a good time to start again.

What are the advantages . . . besides possibly losing a few pounds?

1. I’m an all or nothing kind of person. It’s much easier for me to stay away from desserts altogether than it is to eat only a little.

2. While I’m not ready to eliminate sugar completely, I do know the potential for emotional highs and lows plus the likelihood of headaches if I eat too much. I can’t say I’ll miss those effects.

3. The more I eat nutritious foods, the more I acquire a taste for them – and don’t miss the cakes and cookies.

4. A vast majority of the sweets I eat are prepackaged. Cutting back motivates me to prepare meals from scratch. They’re more satisfying and take my mind off the “quick fix.” (I’m a good cook – just a lazy one.)

5. I haven’t given up snacking, but now I choose better options. Cheese and crackers. Fruit. That kind of thing.

6. Many of us eat out of boredom. I’m doing that far less now.

7. My daughter needs to lose a good deal of weight. I very much want to be a good example for her.

8. With each passing day, I feel more victorious. The unfinished jelly beans and chocolates are much easier to ignore.

9. Keeping a tighter rein on our budget is another item on my Action Plan for the year. Cutting back on sweets and other snack items will help in this regard too.

10. And those few pounds? I’ll be happy to see them go.

How about you? What is your snacking weakness? Do you find it easier to partake in moderation or is cutting back dramatically – or cutting it out completely – your best option?


6 thoughts on “Why We Should Eat Desserts Only on Weekends

    1. I’d be fine if I could stick with one “little snack” per day, but I’m not good at limiting my intake. Better to “just say no,” as the anti-drug slogan says. (Love that you called me “Mom,” though I don’t think there’s THAT big an age difference. :D)

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