Subdued Sunday Check-In

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Being involved in church usually means a very full Sunday. Because of the threat of inclement weather, our evening service was cancelled. Today was much more laid back than normal.

What a wonderful opportunity to write a couple of guest posts and spend the majority of the day with my nose buried in a book or two . . . you’d think.

However, this afternoon I put supper in the slow cooker, read an itty bitty bit, and watched far too much TV.

That’s OK every now and then, but I’m glad it isn’t the case every day.

What does the week ahead look like?


. . . at least two blog posts for my client (co-writing, actually) and several blog posts for my own site and others’

. . . a character sketch for the novel that has lain dormant for quite a while (This will help me prepare for the next installment for the Blog Hop for Writers.)


The plan is to finish Grace vs. Obedience and make significant headway in Shade of Truth and Heaven’s Prey.

I’m also toying with beginning The Help (since the other two novels are ebooks, and as much as I love the convenience, I’m still a lover of physical books). Instead, I may get back to reading one of the various nonfiction books I began. We’ll see.


– tighten the reins a little more on my eating (though I am doing much better)

– decrease number of calorie-rich drinks I consume per day (I don’t drink many hot drinks during the warmer weather, but when I’m chilled, I love my hot chocolate and Chai latte. I do drink herbal teas as well, a much better choice.)

– up my cardio to 15 minutes five times per week

– continue with the plank challenge (amazing how doing one plank per day for increasingly longer periods of time can actually make a difference)

And in Family News

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We will be saying goodbye to Son #1 (the second of our three to leave home). He will be winging his way across the Pond to Scotland come Wednesday. He will be missed. After all, we’ve kinda gotten used to having him around. We wish him all the very best as he begins the next phase of his adventure.


I may be receiving a box of Living Beyond My Circumstances. That plus Nathanial’s departure, meeting a friend’s new wee one, having lunch with another friend I haven’t seen in ages, plus whatever else the week holds will probably make for an interesting time emotionally. I’ll let you know where I am on the roller coaster come our midweek check-in.

How about you? What’s on the horizon for this, the last week of January?


2 thoughts on “Subdued Sunday Check-In

  1. There’s something about a Sunday afternoon stretching out before you that just begs for a bit of R&R. I have that happen to me too.

    Great week overall. I really should add some fitness goals to my own list. I like the idea of planking. Hope you have a marvelously productive week! And good weather as well.

    1. It was cold today but sunny with no snow in the forecast until the weekend – and that’s OK by me.

      My regular To Do list is somewhat on hold until my son flies out on Wednesday, but I think after he wings his way across the Atlantic, I will have to buckle down to my new routine . . . with enough R & R to keep me going, of course.

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie. All the best with your writing – and other goals.

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