Flying the Coop

. . . with rocket boosters.

Flag of Saskatchewan

So, when Son #2 was considering post secondary, he looked into a one-year program up north, just four or five hours away. When funding fell through, he moved two provinces over – and has been there since.

Flag of Utah

In the meantime, Son #1 met a young lady online with whom he had a lot in common. So, newly-acquired passport in hand, he flew to Utah. While that relationship didn’t develop, my son’s love for travel was birthed.

Flag of Germany

The desire for adventure now flowing through his veins, Son #1 headed for Germany – on his own. He has traveled to the metal music festival in Wacken for the past three years and that’s where he met a Scottish lass.

Come Wednesday, he will be winging his way across the Pond to the home of our ancestors.

Flag of Scotland

At this rate, when it’s time for Daughter #1 to leave the nest, I’m thinking she may end up here . . .

Moon Pic

When my kids fly the coop, they really do use rocket boosters.

How about you? Did you move far away from your family . . . or did your kids?


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