Interview with Sara Davison (Part 2)

The Watcher Cover

Sara Davison, author of The Watcher, is with us again today.

Welcome back, Sara.

We met at The Word Guild’s annual conference, Write Canada. What do you enjoy most about the conference?

There are so many things to love about Canada’s biggest Christian writing conference, I hardly know where to start. Probably my favourite thing is the prevailing attitude of those in attendance. There is such a spirit of camaraderie, support,  and encouragement (and occasionally commiseration) among attendees. It’s something you have to experience to really understand what an incredible thing that is in the midst of what could be a very cutthroat, competitive business. There is nothing like a shared faith and a shared passion to instantly connect people. And now that I’ve attended six or seven times, the conference is like a family reunion or old home week – definitely a highlight of the year.

What writing projects are you currently working on?

I was blessed to sign with an agent in 2013, so she is currently shopping around three of my books, a two-book romantic suspense series, and the first of a trilogy titled Seven. My current works in progress are books two and three of that trilogy, which is a romance set about forty years in the future and describes what I believe life could be like for Christians in Canada at that time.

Where do you like to write?

I’ll write anywhere, whenever inspiration strikes. My usual place to write is in my office, a sunny area just off our kitchen with a view of the woods.

Just for fun, describe your ideal writer’s haven.

Easy – that’s a timber-frame cabin set in the trees with a view of a calm, sheltered lake. The silence of the natural surroundings is broken only by the occasional, haunting cry of a loon. Inside, flames crackle in the wood-burning stove, the warm glow reflecting off the walls lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Cozy armchairs face the stove, enticing any who enter the room to choose a book from the shelf and settle in. The aromas of pine, fresh-baked bread and coffee permeate the air.  And, given the relative sparseness of the cabin, a surprisingly large washroom with spa-like whirlpool tub and skylight with the nighttime view of a million twinkling stars graces the master suite in the loft. (Can you tell I’ve given this a lot of thought?) Seriously, who could not write in a setting like that?

. . . one last question. I love Janet Sketchley’s idea for asking her guests random questions. So, that said, where would you go for a vacation if time and money weren’t factors?

I have done so little traveling in my life, that there are many, many places I would love to go and see. Ireland draws me for its beauty and wildness, Greece for its incredible scenery and food. If I could only ever go one place in my life though, it would have to be the Holy Land. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it would be to walk where Jesus walked. My dad took a trip there once and he said that, while most places are just approximate guesses of where Jesus would have been born, where he would have performed certain acts described in the Bible etc., there is a building still standing that they know was Pilate’s home, and the place Jesus was taken the night before he was killed. Every person in their group was  moved to tears as the knowledge that they were standing in the very building where Jesus once stood washed over them. I can’t imagine a more incredible experience anywhere else on earth.

And now for a quick ROW80 update . . .

ROW Logo

I will be saying goodbye to my son today. Nostalgia and excitement for what the future will bring all swirl together in my heart and mind.

My anticipation grows as I wait to hold Living Beyond My Circumstances in my hand. What an honour: to help a very special woman fulfill yet another dream, one she has had for over 40 years.

Tonight I will be discussing ideas for a client’s blog and the book she’d like to write. Their experiences as a family will touch many lives.

I am revisiting several possibilities: submitting picture book ideas; actively looking for doula clients; fulfilling the requirements of my Pregnancy Fitness Educator certification; completing the requirements to maintain my personal training certification . . .

Life is about making plans but being flexible enough to willingly change course when the Master Navigator says, “There’s a better way.”

4 thoughts on “Interview with Sara Davison (Part 2)

  1. Sara, I agree with you and Stephanie about Write! Canada being like a family reunion after a person has attended for a few years. It’s professional development, spiritual retreat, and reunion all in one. Suddenly the registration fee seems like a bargain!

    I hope you’ll soon have a publishing announcement to share with us.

    And Stephanie, thanks for the nod about the random questions. They tend to be the most fun 🙂

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