Belated Check-In

Yesterday . . .

I battled a headache and extreme lack of motivation.

This week . . .

Hoping to take many strides forward this, the first week of a brand new month.

A quick look back . . .

January was, in some ways, a slow month. I did, however, achieve some things on my Action Plan and even scratched a few from my Procrastination List.

The biggest change, of course, was saying farewell to our eldest, who is now settling into life in Scotland.

So, just what do I hope to accomplish during February 2014?


Promote Living Beyond My Circumstances.

Submit at least one picture book manuscript each week.

Write 26 blog posts (including ROW80 check-ins plus a character sketch and advice I’d give to new writers for Blog Hop for Writers).

Write at least one of the two research papers for my Pregnancy Fitness Educator certification course.

Read at least 200 pages of required reading for the course.

Finish reading Grace vs. Obedience, Shades of Truth, and Heaven’s Prey.

Check in with fellow ROWers on Mondays and Thursdays.

Post to the Write Canada site periodically.

Compile the February issue of Write On.

Around the House

Get our daughter moved up to the loft and set up the guest room.

Declutter the entrance and four of the five rooms on the main floor.

Fitness Goals

Do cardio for 20 min 5 x/week this week, 25 min next week, and 30 min from then on.

Do resistance training twice a week for this week and next, then three times per week afterward.

Continue with the plank challenge, but on the advice of my trainer, I will be holding it for only 60 seconds at a time.

Other health-related goals . . .

Limit sweet snacks, continue to eat better, and drink more water.


Send out belated January greetings (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

Send out February greetings.

Meet with at least one friend per week for coffee or a meal.


Scratch off four to eight things from my Procrastination List.


6 thoughts on “Belated Check-In

  1. You’re on track, Steph. Headaches aside, you’re on track.

    And some things have changed, it seems… A new stage in your life: your son is now living in Scotland? Exciting… and a bit scary, I imagine. More promotions, more writing progress… a piece of writers inspiration impending… So much going on. Wow! 😀

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