Open Letter to My Children

Nathanial, Joshua, and Sarah, if we could relive just one day when you were little, I’d want to . . .

Play together

Oh, how I admire the young parents who take the time to get down on the floor and play with their children! If I’d known what precious memories could be made, I would have done so more often.

Laugh together

Whether as children or adults, I don’t think we laughed together enough. A happy, fun-filled day echoing with laughter is something I would strive for if we had that day from our past.

Read together

I still remember collecting almost every children’s series from Grolier that they offered. I also remember reading aloud outside your rooms as you settled in for the night. Good times!

Enjoy Cuddle Time together

This is one of my happiest memories . . . and one of my saddest. It was my doing that this ended when it did. I’ve always wished for a do-over on this one.

Eat together.

We never had a regular supper hour, but if we could relive that one day, I would want to gather round the table and talk and laugh and eat together.

Read the Bible and pray together

Although we did this as part of our homeschooling day, I wish we’d done this more often.

Since it’s not possible to revisit our past, I want you to know this . . .

I will love you forever and always.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward”(Psalm 127:3 ESV).


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