Snowy Check-In

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Don’t shoot me, okay? But I love watching the fluffy flakes meander past my window. Granted, I don’t have to drive any great distance or spend hours clearing it, but it really is pretty.

So, all but snowbound, what are my plans for today?

Update the Write Canada conference site.

Research publishers and agents to approach with my picture book manuscripts.

Complete the guest post I began to write yesterday.

Read the rest of Grace vs. Obedience – and perhaps, write a review.

Read 15+ pages for my CPFE certification.

Clean my kitchen. (You can probably hear it calling for help from there.)

Register our car for parking in our neighbourhood (the one time I will likely head out).

Prep belated January and February greetings for the mail.

Mostly . . .

Try to shake this feeling of being unwell: headachy, pressure in my ears, neck tension. Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!

At any rate . . .

Have a safe, productive, blessing-filled day!


9 thoughts on “Snowy Check-In

  1. Hope you are feeling better. Feeling bad stinks regardless of the weather outside.

    Lots of good thoughts and best wishes with the agent research and the picture book manuscripts.

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