Character Sketch and ROW Check-In

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This week’s blog hop posts focus on character sketches.

Creating a protagonist who shares many of my character qualities, interests, and aspirations would be fairly easy.

However, of late, I’ve realized I want to expand my horizons.

So, here are some of the ideas I’m tossing around.

My main character, Becca (I think), is a woman in her late 20s. She is an art gallery owner who showcases works by up and coming artists. She dresses conservatively with splash of colour.

Becca is one-quarter African American or First Nations with a few tell-tale features (hair, eyes, and skin tone). She is attractive and fit, though not “skinny.”

She left her small hometown after a personal tragedy that left her using a cane. She worked during the day and took courses to earn her art degree via correspondence and at night school.

Shortly after arriving in the city (yet to be determined), she gave her mother an ultimatum. Since then, they have been estranged.

Church leaders supported the individual who caused her tragedy, causing Becca to leave her faith behind when she moved.

Because of her schedule, Becca has very little time for a social life (other than business functions). Her associate at the gallery is a young, edgy art student. She set her boss up on a date that went very well.

At the end of Chapter 1, Becca gets a phone call that threatens to upset every aspect of her life.

I have an interest in art and fitness, but that’s pretty much where the similarities with my protagonist end.

As I mentioned, these are ideas I’m tossing around. As anyone who writes fiction realizes, plans change along the way – sometimes drastically.

To read more character sketches, start here:

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I plan to write several blog posts and one research paper this week. I got a number written last week, though not quite as many as I’d planned.

I also want to work on the novel mentioned above.


I received a revised proposal from a client today, which I plan to look over Tuesday.


I did some market research last week but didn’t submit any picture book manuscripts. Therefore, I want to submit at least two to agents or publishers this week.


I finished reading Shades of Truth and am trying to decide which novel to read next.

I hope to read at least 100 pages of required reading for my pregnancy fitness educator certification this week.

I have begun The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children and will be poking along with that.

I plan to read through Ephesians once a week, while our pastors preach through the epistle.


After pulling a muscle, my plans for daily cardio got put on hold. I think I’ll back off to a 15 minute per day (Tuesday through Saturday) commitment this week.

I also plan to do two full-body workouts, another thing that didn’t happen last week.


18 thoughts on “Character Sketch and ROW Check-In

  1. Ramona

    Now about the character sketch you’ve just thought about so far…..

    Life isn’t easy. It is messy, complicated and full of twists and turns. The fact she’s into art – of course makes her interesting to me. Don’t know what I’d rather do more of, write or sketch and paint!

    What would she do if she discovered: someone copying her ideas off of the internet/blog site or social media when she was getting her degree? I’ve often wondered, yes I’d like people to get to know me as an artist. But what if she thought her work is safe but someone uses it and gets all the credit? OR as part of her on line course she discovers an unknown sketch by ???? and does the right thing or uses the discovery to further her career?

    Well you’ve got me thinking.

    The difficulty in letting God be our advocate and judge rather than reacting and trying to solve a problem of slander and deceitfulness reminds me how the book of Proverbs is never out of date. This fictional dilemma is a little too close for comfort for me. I had to stand back and accept that the bad guy was going to win for awhile in one particular situation of my life a few years ago. Nothing I could say or do would change things. I had to intentionally think, ” You see the bigger picture. Help me God respond appropriately and not react badly. This is way over my head.”

    You’ve got my juices going. For a Monday evening that is a major feat! (:

  2. Stephanie,
    I like what you’ve put together for Becca so far. You mentioned she left her hometown because people sided with the person who hurt her. Is she bitter, angry, vengeful or does she stuff her emotions? What type of person would she want to date, if she did? How would she respond if she was suddenly forced to make time for other people?

    One thing I’m working on in characterization is emotion. I do well getting my character to participate in the plot, but I have to really think about how to reveal internal motivation and emotion.

    It sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Enjoy 🙂

    1. I have the book “What Would Your Character Do?” Once I get to know Becca better, I can check it out to see what she’d do in certain circumstances.

      I look forward to reading others’ blog posts, but I’ve been running here and there this week.

  3. Becca sounds interesting. Definitely a good start – a character with definite goals and a problem.

    Good call on the fitness – better to do less than do too much and re-injure yourself, or do nothing (says the person who too easily does the latter LOL). Keep up the good work and have a great week!

    1. My personal commitment to fitness has dwindled drastically over the last few years. I’m hoping to lose 15 pounds by mid-June (very doable). I think setting a specific goal will help me on my journey. But, for all of us, the important things are to eat well and be active every day. Here’s to fitness. 🙂

  4. i like what seems to be the start of a good story. when i create characters i usually start with something i like and something i dislike about myself, then let the character take on a life of its own, developing as any real person would. it’s too easy to base someone solely on yourself, and makes you all the more sensitive to critique when it’s offered. great job here and good luck. 🙂

  5. Ahhh, the life-changing phone call, can’t go wrong with that 🙂 Lots of hints that there are going to be twists and turns in this one – always a good thing. From the little bit you’ve shared about her, the name Becca seems to fit her perfectly; thanks for sharing!

  6. Becca sounds vibrant, like someone we’ll want to spend a book with. Good start! Let her keep growing on you. One thing I picked up from Jeff Gerke’s teaching is to give the character an internal “knot” or a false belief about herself. What will happen if that festers and gets worse? What might God do to get her attention and lead her into a healthier mindset?

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