Procrastination is Losing

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OK, so not in the area of my “Wednesday check-in,” but in many other ways procrastination has taken a hit.

I have sent out some parcels (long overdue) and am ready to do the same with a few others.

I hung up my clean clothes. I know to many of you that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s always a happy day when I get my clothes from the closet rather than the dryer or the laundry basket.

Except for a few items, I’ve caught up with the dishes . . . and I even have meat thawing for supper.

I’ve organized a pile of paperwork that was sitting on my dining room table for quite some time. Actually, it’s still sitting there, but it’s organized. (grin)

I donated three boxes of books to the library and dropped off a bag of clothes at Bibles for Missions.

Why am I sharing all of this? I see each victory over procrastination as evidence that God is at work in my life. Sh, don’t tell, but by nature, I’m a very lazy person.

My hubby fell and cracked a rib a week ago. This week I have been his chauffeur. So thankful for ready access to healthcare and an understanding supervisor who assures us there is no rush for Dave to get back to work.

It has been two weeks and two days since Son #1 winged his way across the Pond. It’s amazing how fast one can get used to “the new normal.” Mind you, it helps to regularly be in touch via Facebook and Skype.

This is what I’d like my new normal to look like . . .


– non-fiction and fiction daily


– blog post(s) daily

– picture books weekly

– devotional or article bi-weekly


– one picture book manuscript weekly

– a devotional or article bi-weekly


– approach three local bookstores with a free copy of Living Beyond My Circumstances and ask them to consider carrying it

– plus, I would like to put together a promo package of services I offer and approach local churches and organizations


– continue using my calorie-counting app to help me lose 15 pounds by June 1

– low impact aerobics 30-min 5x/wk

– resistance training 3x/wk


– have coffee with at least one friend per week to catch up

So, my fellow ROWers . . . are you motoring along with your original Round 1 goals or are you, too, adjusting to a new normal?

4 thoughts on “Procrastination is Losing

  1. I like it so much when all my clothes finally make it to wardrobe have bad habit of leaving them either on drying rack or on back of chair then have a blitz – very satisfying to see them all on hangers:)Haven’t had to adjust goals yet this round – but I started very low so bit of a cheat really – all the best for coming week and well done on all acheived:)

      1. 🙂 – I have a secret weapon in my house – my sister – she loves ironing – and washing up – so stuff gets ironed and then get crumpled on back of chair!:) – sorry your family is traumatized:( maybe some therapy like is dished out for fear of spiders would help:):) we are both of life’s rich tapestry, we must celebrate it

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