February 16 ROW Check-In

ROW LogoI thought it was about time to revisit my original writing goals for this round of A Round of Words in 80 Days.


My weekly blogging plans include . . .

– two ROW check-ins (on track)

– three posts for this site (so/so)

– writing prompts for Christian Editing Services (check – though sometimes I write them at the last minute, like this week for example)

– a fitness-related post for Kimberley Payne (at least three times per month – not too bad)

My monthly blogging plans include . . .

– a prayer-related post for Under the Cover of Prayer (on track)

– a pregnancy and childbirth post for The Birthing Site (yet to get back at it)

– a writing-related post for InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship (same as above)

I may be co-writing a blog with a client this year. We’ll have to see how that unfolds. (I’ve fired off the first post–and she likes it. Yay!) (She would like to move forward on writing her book and set aside the idea of the blog – at least for now.)

Any other writing will likely be on the back burner for now. (I’m thinking of focusing on picture books and my novel, as well as writing the two papers for my pregnancy fitness educator certification.)


– working with clients as they come my way (So far, I haven’t had to go looking for them.) (Things are slow right now, but as they say, “When it rains, it pours.”)


– daily Bible reading (slipping on this some)

– one or more novels per month (I’m on schedule so far.) (I’m learning to read in public places and this is helping me stay on track. Being an extrovert, it is so easy to be distracted by what’s going on around me.)

– possibly one non-fiction book per month (I’m pretty much on schedule to accomplish this goal for January.) (see above)

Added Goals

Because Living Beyond My Circumstances is now available, I must do some promotion work. Because this is Deborah L. Willows’ memoir, she is taking care of most of this – with the help of our publishers at Castle Quay Books. Still, as the co-author, I should get the word out as well.

I’ve begun to take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

I’m getting busy helping with prep for the Write Canada conference in June.

My Annual Theme

– get started on The Great Declutter

(I’ve gotten some related things crossed off my Procrastination List. Though I’m not as far in the process as I’d like, this is very encouraging.)

So, whether you’re a writer or not, whether you’re a fellow ROWer or not, how are your goals for 2014 going?


2 thoughts on “February 16 ROW Check-In

  1. denizb33

    So many varied goals! Good luck on all of them! I love the idea of a great declutter. I’ve finally begun one at our house…

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