Really Important Stuff

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Really Important Stuff I Want to Do Before February’s Over

– determine my priorities and accomplish each day’s task roughly in that order

– set aside the Time Thieves

– get back to reading and memorizing portions of the Scriptures

– keep up with the prayer challenge I began in January

– spend time connecting with family (in person, online, and via snail mail)

– make a list of paying writing opportunities; write and submit my work

– outline my marketing plan for my writing and other endeavours and follow through

– post to this site (I need to brainstorm some ideas to develop.)

– write guest posts (maybe even work ahead)

– continue with the Great Declutter

– keep up with my other volunteer obligations

– keep pressing forward with my fitness goals (Having a recently-acquired dog in the house and no fenced-in yard gets me outside every day.)

Really? Important Stuff I Want to Do Before February’s Over?

– keep Facebook open and check it every few minutes (‘cuz hey, important stuff might be happening and I need to know NOW)

– dream “the impossible dream” and do nothing to achieve it

– keep adding to that Good Intentions list

– rejoice in the little things (a good thing), but never settle in and accomplish the big ones (not a good thing)

– keep weighing all my options until it’s highly unlikely I will achieve any of them

– try to find something I really want to watch on Netflix (talk about a time suck; to my American friends, Canadian Netflix does not have the same list of options – probably a good thing in my case)

– keep looking at those piles of books I want to read and plan to start . . . tomorrow

– wait for opportunities to come knocking

What important things are you planning to accomplish this week?


8 thoughts on “Really Important Stuff

  1. HA! I love it, Steph.

    We all have these really important things that somehow always get pushed aside by the “Really? Important?” things that somehow clutter our days and lives. Sometimes it just takes looking at them critically. Sometimes it takes not looking at them… Your priorities are definitely in the right place. Now to apply the right amount of energy. 🙂

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