More Sunshine

Sunset Pic

It’s always a pleasure to have guest blogger Ramona Furst with me. Thanks for the sunshine you bring, my friend.

As I got ready to go grocery shopping the other day I remembered the million and one ways that God has blessed me through my friends.

I thought about the sign above the laundromat as I lugged my extra large comforters out of the car. The sign read Sunshine Laundromat.

“Would that I could be that for people, Lord,” I thought as I said, “Hi, sunshine” to the proprietor. She laughed and took my blankets out of my hands.

On Saturday, we were going to celebrate a shared birthday supper with an old friend, so I pointed my car towards the local grocery store.

Finished with picking up the few ingredients I needed, I wandered over to my favourite place in the store. A few years ago, the grocery chain had designed a place to sell freshly cut flowers and plants.

“I know what I can do! I’ll give a potted plant to each friend who is coming over for dinner.”

I selected some tulips to decorate the dining room table. While I did something nudged me to pick up one more bouquet.

It all begins with gratitude.

I parked the car beside Sunshine Laundromat and went inside, taking along with me the extra bouquet of tulips. I stepped across the threshold.

I exchanged the tulips for my cleaned comforters and said, “Your smile cheers up everyone who walks into this laundromat. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine to so many people.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me,” said the blushing owner. “I  have been  having a tough time.”

I hugged her and said, “That’s okay. He knows.”


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