Easy Fix and ROW Check-In

That moment when you’re sure you forget something important . . .

And you find out what is was.

Yeah, I had one of those moments this morning.


I am so very thankful that it was an easy fix.

And it turned out for the best.

The “fix” was far better than it would have been if I hadn’t forgotten in the first place.

That, of course, is not always the case.

We can make several choices when we realize we’ve blown it.

We can deny it.

We can try to blame someone else.

We can hide away and hope no-one notices.

We can take the bull by the horns and fess up.

And in that vein . . .

The best thing of all, when possible, is to apologize to those involved and do what we can to make it right.

Here and now I want to thank all the gracious people in my life who have forgiven me for messing up.

And most of all . . .

I want to thank God who forgave all the mess ups (sins) I could never make right.

ROW LogoEditing

The cliche of the week is “It never rains, but it pours.”

I received the first draft of two chapters from a client. (I’m excited to watch her development as an author. She is clearly learning much and seeking to apply it.) I was able to make my initial comments and fire them back to her.

I am doing the final final read-through of another clients work. It shouldn’t take long. I hope to have it back to my supervisor by Friday if not before.

I have begun a line edit for a third client now that she has addressed the issues I put forth in the content edit. My aim is to have the line edit completed by the end of next week, which will mean going through the manuscript at least twice.


I am still plugging away with Marcia Laycock’s Spur of the Moment and Janet Sketchley’s Heaven’s Prey, which I have now downloaded onto my phone so I can curl up on my couch instead of reading it at my computer. Reading is a much better option to playing Bubble Worlds on my phone.

Writing and Submitting

Beyond blog posts, I can’t imagine I’ll get much writing done this week, but I am doing some market research and that’s something.


Walking the dog once a day addresses the cardio issue and I have been doing not too badly with the resistance work, though I admit I should do more lower body and core work.

I’m eating less/better. Yay!

I am making more meals from scratch. Double yay!

The Great Declutter

Yeah, not so great, but hey, for the first time in weeks, the top of the dining room table is clear. Trust me, that’s something around these parts. I have been keeping up with the dishes and laundry for the most part, and that’s another victory.

The year isn’t all that young, but there’s still time to meet my goals for TGD.

Hope you’re having a great week and, if like us, you’re getting buried under a late season snowfall, stay in, stay warm, and read a good book . . . or write one. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Easy Fix and ROW Check-In

  1. Deb, you’re super great even when you do mess up. Plus you’re so easy to come close to that you make it easy to sort stuff out. That’s a great gift God’s given you.

  2. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Good luck with your goals!

    I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but I use the My Fitness Pal app as a way to track my calories. It’s been really helpful for me in taking steps toward my nutrition goals. You input your weight, your activity level, and whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain weight. It gives you a calorie goal and you enter in everything you’ve eaten for the day. You can also see how many calories you burn through various activities. Needless to say, I’m definitely a fan.

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