The Home Stretch

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Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days is drawing to a close.

On the docket for this week . . .


I will be finishing up the initial line edit of my client’s manuscript and chatting with another potential client.


I will be writing seven or eight blog posts.


Since I haven’t submitted any picture book manuscripts this year, it’s about time I got around to it. The plan is to fire off three to five existing manuscripts and put together a schedule for those I’d like to write.


I have agreed to conduct interviews with some of the faculty of the upcoming Write Canada conference. I hope to get started this week.


I want to read from 25-50 percent more of Spur of the Moment by Marcia Laycock and five or more chapters of Heaven’s Prey by Janet Sketchley.

I’m tossing around the idea of reading in the area of skills development every day – writing, pregnancy and childbirth, and fitness.


I went for quite a long walk today after walking the dog. Hooray! I plan to walk every day.

I have to plan the half hour gentle workout I will be leading on Thursday evening.

I want to do at least three lower body and three upper body workouts this week.

I intend to eat less . . . and hopefully continue eating healthier as well, despite the fact that my hubby’s birthday is on Wednesday and he has requested a DQ Blizzard cake.

Now that the warmer weather is promising to make an appearance, drinking more water is once again appealing.

Whether you are a fellow ROWer or not, what are your plans for the week ahead?


9 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. Ramona

    Am I the only one who is wishing the snow would stick around? Temperatures hovering between -10 C or a balmy -3?

    Cross country skiing has been fabulous this year. I’m trying to make up for lost outings due to the shingles. Even with 5-10 centimeters of new snow we had this weekend, a N/NW wind and -18C temperatures with a wind chill of -25 kept people out of the bush. (Yahoo! The less people I see the better. I guess that’s the introvert in me talking.) Making your own trails slows you down, but it was a workout that made me fall asleep while reading a good book! (:

    I’m thinking, praying and asking myself what I’d like to write about. What is my next art project. I’m waiting and as the seconds, minutes tick on I sometimes find myself panicking. No God nudges come.

    Oh, yes, I need to breathe. Rest and not to forget to enjoy His presence right now.

      1. denizb33

        Oh, it’s in Guelph! That’s not too far. I’ll have to see if I can arrange vacation days from work. If not this year then next!

  2. Ramona

    Yes, I second and third it! About coming to the conference that is. One of the best God moments when I attended the conference was meeting Stephanie?!!? There is something for everyone. Faculty members are terrific, approachable, the food is really good unfortunately (: and the music for worship time is so wonderful. I’ll be praying Nicole that if this is something God is wanting you to take part in, the details and doors will work themselves out.

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