Final Round 1 Check-In

Kids Waving

Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days winds down as of Wednesday. This will be my final check-in.

These were my goals from the beginning of the round. Let’s see how I did.


My weekly blogging plans include . . .

– two ROW check-ins Until recently, when I dropped back to one check-in per week, I kept up with this.

– three posts for this site I think I hit this goal . . . or pretty close to it.

– writing prompts for Christian Editing Services I write for CES weekly. This goal was met . . . and is ongoing.

– a fitness-related post for Kimberley Payne I achieved this most weeks.

My monthly blogging plans include . . .

– a prayer-related post for Under the Cover of Prayer I still have one more to go.

– a pregnancy and childbirth post for The Birthing Site This didn’t happen, but I still want to give it a go when Round 2 rolls around.

– a writing-related post for InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship I have a list of available months and their themes. So far, I’ve written one post and will write another within the next week or two. Myplan is to write a post for every month that is still open.

I may be co-writing a blog with a client this year. We’ll have to see how that unfolds. (I’ve fired off the first post–and she likes it. Yay!) My client decided against writing the blog, so this was a no-go.

Any other writing will likely be on the back burner for now. And that it was, but I am excited about revamping my idea for a novel into a novella or a short story. This is a definite goal for Round 2.


– working with clients as they come my way (So far, I haven’t had to go looking for them.) There are several opportunities hovering in the queue and I am working consistently with one client finalizing the line edit of her manuscript.


– daily Bible reading I need to do better.

– one or more novels per month (I’m on schedule so far.) I need to turn off the TV and read more. Saying it’s good hangout time with my daughter – and sometimes my hubby as well – only goes so far.

– possibly one non-fiction book per month (I’m pretty much on schedule to accomplish this goal for January.) This sounds like a good goal to add to my Round 2 list. It didn’t happen during Round 1, however.

My Annual Theme

– get started on The Great Declutter At the rate I’m going, my new theme may be The Year of the Great Procrastination. However, I have 75 percent of the year left, and I should still be able to make a significant dent in the clutter around here by year-end.

All in all, Round 1 was a success. I look forward to jumping into Round 2.

If you’re a writer and are looking for some accountability and interaction with a wide variety of writers from all over the globe, you should check out A Round of Words.



2 thoughts on “Final Round 1 Check-In

  1. Oh, Steph!

    “I’ve got 75% of the year left” – that bit cracked me up, because I often think in those terms, about the year, the WIPs, other stuff.

    Looks like it was a good round, all in all. Steady progress, in most areas…and a tantalizing project waiting in the wings….

    See you in a week! =)

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