A Brand New Round of ROW

ROW Logo

Here we are at Round 2.

And here are my goals for the next 80 days.


– post at least three times per week here and once per week on Kim’s site and the CES site.

– post monthly on The Birthing Site and UTCOP.

– post on the InScribe site whenever they have an opening

In Happy Bubble World, where I like to live, I will have my novella written by the end of this round. We’ll see if fantasy meets real life as the round proceeds.


– as clients come along


– one novel and one non-fiction book per month

Course Requirements

I would like to have the requirements completed by the end of August, which means I should be well on the way by the end of this round.

Maintaining PT Certification

In order to do so, I have to take a CPR course and a four-credit continuing ed online course this round.


– cardio 5+ times per week

– resistance 3+ times per week

– eat healthier

– drink more water (should be easier now that the weather is warming up)


– the equivalent of three large rooms


– check in weekly

– fulfill my responsibilities as a sponsor on Mondays and Thursdays


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