Called to Write

Called to Write

Never was I so glad to spend time at the laundromat! Yesterday, while there, I read the majority of Called to Write: Biblical Truths for Authors and Bloggers. (I finished it after returning home.)

Called to Write was written by bestselling authors Rev. CM and KM Logan.

For such a small book, it is packed with great insights. If you haven’t read it and are a Christian writer – or would like to be, I highly recommend it. You can get it on Amazon . . . for free.

I highlighted several quotes I want to remember.

“If you have a passion to write, it is there because God put it there. He would not have done so if He did not want you to write for His glory.”

No matter what I do, I keep coming back to writing and writing-related endeavours. This quote was confirmation of what I have been sensing for some time.

For all writers . . . “We should ache to change the world with our words.”

Specifically for Christians . . . “We should want God to use our writing in ways beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own.”

It is my responsibility to develop my skills as a writer. No matter how much I do so and how proficient I get at marketing, ultimately, the results are out of my hands.

“Your words could be used by God to change a life, that life could change a family, that family could change a church, that church could change a city . . .”

The truth of this statement boggles my mind. I know the books I’ve read, including the novels, have played a role in my development as a person. It is possible the words I pen could do the same for someone else. Therefore, I’m responsible to use those words carefully.

Called to Write includes the following challenges (rather than chapters), among others:

Committing Your Words to the Lord

When You Feel Like Your Writing Won’t Make a Difference

Making Money

Seeing Success God’s Way and in God’s Time

Developing a Vision

This will be one little book I come back to again and again . . . and that is rare for me.

“Every Christian should have a dream so big, it takes God himself to fulfill that dream.”


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