Two Weeks at a Glance


Family Time

My son was home for a visit, which meant I had some great time with him, my hubby, my daughter, and my MIL. We even Skyped with my eldest and his girlfriend on Friday . . . a terrific week all round.

It’s always extra special to share the most important weekend of the year with family.

It was a great week, but I got very little done that was writing-related.

And now . . .

It’s back to editing, writing, and reading.


I have three clients’ work to tend to and the InScribe newsletter to look over.


I would like to get another 10,000 words written of my novel plus a number of blog posts by the end of the month.


It’s too easy to veg in front of the TV. Even though I will spend some time watching with my daughter, I plan to read for at least one hour per day.


I will pop by a number of fellow ROWers’ sites Tuesday and Thursday this week and post next Sunday.

Book Launch

Weather permitting and all things being equal, I will spend a few days with my co-author next weekend so I can be there for the second book launch. It’s very humbling knowing she wants me there.


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