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So, how have I done with the past week’s goals?


I finished reading Perilous Waters. I enjoyed it very much.

I got back to reading one chapter per day of Heaven’s Prey. Powerful stuff! Janet Sketchley has done an amazing job of tackling an incredibly difficult subject.

As I may have mentioned before, I plan to read books by authors who will be at the Write Canada conference in June. It’s nice to be able to talk to them about their work.


I didn’t reach my 20,000-word goal for April, but I did recommit to completing the first draft of Becca’s Journey by the end of Round 2. Therefore, I’d call Camp NaNoWriMo a success.

I’m gearing up for more blogging and am taking Jeff Goin’s course, so I should become more focused over the next few weeks. I’m on track with my guest posts for other sites, mostly at least.

I was approached about writing some copy for a business owner. Actually, a fellow writer passed along my name. Now that’s an honour!


I got two picture book manuscripts fired off. It feels good to recommit to doing this on a regular basis. I’m going to do better the second two-thirds of 2014, maybe even find myself a publisher or agent. Correction: I got some research done. I will fire off the submissions this coming week.


A new, young writer approached me about editing her latest manuscript and helping her find it a home. I love coming alongside others and helping them achieve their dreams.

I am on track with my current clients, plus there are a number of others hovering in the queue. Things could get very busy very quickly.

ROW Sponsor Duties

I’m dragging my feet a little but usually visiting “my peeps” a day or two after each scheduled check-in. (That doesn’t mean I don’t wish you all well.)

Gratitude Journal

I’ve caught up. The goal: to record 1,200 things for which I’m grateful between January 1 and December 31. Correction: I’m catching up. I hope to be on target by the end of the week if not before.


I signed up for Prevention’s 28-Day Challenge. My personal goal is to lose five pounds. As I write this, I am finishing my last can of pop for the month. More water, here I come. I like to exercise and eat well, but I have gotten into some pretty bad habits of late. Hopefully this will help me break them.


8 thoughts on “Still ROWing

  1. Awesome progress, Steph! maybe you didn’t achieve everything you hoped for, but you’ve moved forward, and committed to something, and you’re helping other….a good week! =)

    May it get better from here! =D

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