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So, how have I done with the past week’s goals?


I finished reading Perilous Waters. I enjoyed it very much.

I got back to reading one chapter per day of Heaven’s Prey. Powerful stuff! Janet Sketchley has done an amazing job of tackling an incredibly difficult subject.

As I may have mentioned before, I plan to read books by authors who will be at the Write Canada conference in June. It’s nice to be able to talk to them about their work.


I didn’t reach my 20,000-word goal for April, but I did recommit to completing the first draft of Becca’s Journey by the end of Round 2. Therefore, I’d call Camp NaNoWriMo a success.

I’m gearing up for more blogging and am taking Jeff Goin’s course, so I should become more focused over the next few weeks. I’m on track with my guest posts for other sites, mostly at least.

I was approached about writing some copy for a business owner. Actually, a fellow writer passed along my name. Now that’s an honour!


I got two picture book manuscripts fired off. It feels good to recommit to doing this on a regular basis. I’m going to do better the second two-thirds of 2014, maybe even find myself a publisher or agent. Correction: I got some research done. I will fire off the submissions this coming week.


A new, young writer approached me about editing her latest manuscript and helping her find it a home. I love coming alongside others and helping them achieve their dreams.

I am on track with my current clients, plus there are a number of others hovering in the queue. Things could get very busy very quickly.

ROW Sponsor Duties

I’m dragging my feet a little but usually visiting “my peeps” a day or two after each scheduled check-in. (That doesn’t mean I don’t wish you all well.)

Gratitude Journal

I’ve caught up. The goal: to record 1,200 things for which I’m grateful between January 1 and December 31. Correction: I’m catching up. I hope to be on target by the end of the week if not before.


I signed up for Prevention’s 28-Day Challenge. My personal goal is to lose five pounds. As I write this, I am finishing my last can of pop for the month. More water, here I come. I like to exercise and eat well, but I have gotten into some pretty bad habits of late. Hopefully this will help me break them.

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8 thoughts on “Still ROWing

  1. Stephanie, you amaze me. Isn’t it great to see progress? And a bit at a time adds up. Thanks for your kind words about Heaven’s Prey!

  2. Awesome progress, Steph! maybe you didn’t achieve everything you hoped for, but you’ve moved forward, and committed to something, and you’re helping other….a good week! =)

    May it get better from here! =D

  3. You are most certainly still ROWing. Great job, Steph.

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