Spring Has Sprung

Bleeding Hearts


Leaf canopy

So many shade of green

And flowers blooming everywhere

So nice

ROW LogoEditing

My plan is to get the substantive edit of my client’s manuscript completed before the writers’ conference mid-June. So far, I’m on track.

I got the revised version of another client’s manuscript back, so I will be going over that this week.

I have other clients hovering in the queue, so we’ll see what happens there.

I want to polish the first five pages of my novel to take with me to the conference for a Blue Pencil Review.


I have been hired to write four blog posts a month re: seniors’ living. I have one more to write to complete the first batch of four. I have to fire them off today.

I am a week ahead for one of my regular guest blogging stints and right on target with the other.


The plan is to complete Heaven’s Prey, Refresh, and Shadows on the River before the conference.

I also hope to make substantial headway in APE, reading a chapter every day or two.

I will be making notes on Editor-Proof Your Writing to use as a checklist for my own work and my clients’.


I hope to submit at least four children’s picture book manuscripts this week to a variety of agents and publishers.


I’m exercising more. Woohoo!

I’m not walking as much as I’d like but more than usual. Yay – well, kinda.

I’m eating less but not necessarily better. Maybe this week I’ll get to the farmers’ market. That should help.

4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Andrew Couch

    Congrats on being on -track on so many of your goals and a head on a few. That is nice to not feel squeezed. Good luck on your submissions. Hope you get some positive responses there.

  2. I can barely manage to edit my own stuff, let alone think of editing someone else’s work. I think that’s why I don’t offer to beta for many people. I think those feeling strong in their editing skills are very talented people with great willpower.

    You seem to be doing great all around and I congratulate you on all that hard work and keeping up with those goals. Best wishes with the picture books!

    1. It is a tremendous honour to be entrusted with someone’s “baby.” I am always thrilled when a writer comments that I have helped them make it better.

      Thanks for stopping by, Gloria. Have a great day!

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