My Surreal ROW Check-In

Has your life ever seemed surreal?

Salvador Dali

No, I don’t mean Salvador Dali surreal. Rather . . . when things that happen leave you shaking your head and asking, “Is this really my life?”

This year, many things have occurred that have left me feeling that way . . .

Living Beyond My Circumstances was published.

Deb and I have had two book launches to date. The fact that Deb really wanted me there is so cool. This is her story, but she insists on calling it “our book.” (Deb, you’re the greatest.)

Our local bookstore agreed to carry LBMC on a consignment basis – for now.

I’ve gotten new editing clients, which isn’t a surprise, but I’m always honoured when someone asks me to help them make their work better.

A friend and successful freelancer has begun giving my name to clients she doesn’t have time to take on, thereby, saying, “I trust you to do a good job.” Such an encouragement! (Plus, the first client she sent my way is pleased with the work I’ve done – and that’s always a shot in the arm.)

When a skilled author and teacher mentioned building an “editorial stable,” I said, “Sure, I’m interested” – without knowing exactly what was in the works. When she said she’d already had me in mind, I was honoured. When I researched the other women who’d said yes, I was blown away. I am in amazing company, let me tell you. (Time to start studying The Chicago Manual of Style.)

Thanks to Groupon, I’m taking an online children’s book writing course. Although I wouldn’t say it’s worth the suggested price, it is worth far more than the $19.00 I paid. 🙂

Juggling Clown

I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t keep juggling everything I had on the go, so I took a deep breath and let my personal training certification lapse. I will forever have eclectic interests and pursuits, but I can only expend so much energy. If I don’t focus, I will not be able to do my very best for my clients – and I never want that to happen.

I still want to do some serious de-cluttering around the house, but the more important elements are de-cluttering my mind, my focus, and my pursuits.

Robin's Nest

And on an even more personal note . . . the nest is emptying. Sons # 1 and #2 have taken flight – literally. One lives two provinces over and the other across The Pond. (I’m so thankful for Facebook and Skype.)

So, what will my surreal life look like over the next week or so?


The plan is to have the substantive edit I’m working on completed before the writers’ conference in June. I’m on track but can’t let myself slack off between now and then.

I will work on any other assignments that come my way as they come in.


I am working on an online children’s writing course. I have successfully completed the first three of fourteen modules. I began learning from the get-go, so the investment was worth far more than the discounted fee. The course should also be complete before the conference.


I have three books I want to complete before the conference and am on track to do so.


I have been commissioned to write four blog posts re: seniors’ living each month. I will get busy with the second batch of four after the conference.

I want to keep writing preschool picture book manuscripts. The more I write, the more I’m motivated to submit.


And speaking of submitting, this is one area I keep promising to address and get only as far as hunting up possible markets. You have my permission to ask how I’m doing in this area (or any other) any time.


Although I haven’t followed Prevention’s 28-Day Challenge closely, it has motivated me. There are certain exercises I now do every day. Yay!

A friend’s comment that she wouldn’t put unhealthy food in her body and expect it to function properly anymore than she would put a milkshake in her car and expect it to run at all has gotten me thinking. Not everything I eat is healthy, but I’m moving more in that direction.

I clicked through to a lengthy presentation from a post on FB. I was willing to keep watching until the presenter said you don’t have to exercise to lose weight. While in the strictest sense that is true, there are so many additional benefits to exercising that I closed the window and got back to other things. It’s at moments like these I wonder why I’m letting my PTS certification slide. I guess we can be passionate about things we’re not actively involved in. Good thing too!

All the best until the next round.



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