Round 2 Goals Revisited


Thanks so much for stopping by.

If you don’t already know, I participate in an ongoing writers’ challenge called A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Participants regularly post check-ins (once or twice per week) that are meant to keep us on track with our goals and help us connect with others writers.

If you are not a fellow ROWer – and even if you are – please feel free to skip these posts.

Magnifying Glass

Let’s see how I did with my goals for this round, which is quickly drawing to a close . . .

Fountain Pen Pic


– post at least three times per week here and once per week on Kim’s site and the CES site. (for the most part)

– post monthly on The Birthing Site and UTCOP. (no to the first; yes to the second)

– post on the InScribe site whenever they have an opening (I haven’t been keeping on top of this, but I did post once.)

In Happy Bubble World, where I like to live, I will have my novella written by the end of this round. We’ll see if fantasy meets real life as the round proceeds. (I scrapped this idea in favour of making it a full-length novel. I wrote a significant chunk in April when I “went to” Camp NaNoWriMo. I hope to get another 10-15,000 words written at camp next month.)

Cartoon List Pic


– as clients come along (I’m pretty much on track.)

Girl on Stack of Books


– one novel and one non-fiction book per month (I motored through several novels, but didn’t reach my non-fiction reading goal.)

Pen and Paper Pic

Course Requirements

I would like to have the requirements completed by the end of August, which means I should be well on the way by the end of this round. (I’ve set this aside and am debating how I should handle it considering other areas of my life have gotten quite busy.)

Woman Stretching

Maintaining PT Certification

In order to do so, I have to take a CPR course and a four-credit continuing ed online course this round. (I took a deep breath and decided to let this go. I have maintained my certification for a number of years without making adequate money to make it worthwhile.)


– cardio 5+ times per week (I’m going to call this a win because we are fostering a dog and I take him for at least one walk each day. )

– resistance 3+ times per week (not a total failure :))

– eat healthier (I’m moving in the right direction.)

– drink more water (should be easier now that the weather is warming up) <averts eyes and hums>

Cleaning Tools Pic


– the equivalent of three large rooms (Uh . . . no!)

ROW Logo


– check in weekly (check)

– fulfill my responsibilities as a sponsor on Mondays and Thursdays (My apologies . . . sometimes I was a little late.)


Come Sunday I’ll share the new opportunities that came my way and how things are shaping up for the days ahead.

4 thoughts on “Round 2 Goals Revisited

  1. Oh, I’m not ready for the end of the round . . . or the next one! Congratulations on such clear progress and reporting. The real courage I see was in letting go of some goals that take more than they give. And I really liked that novella that morphed into a novel. Good for you! I’m de-cluttering too (when I remember). So, on we go to the next round. May it be a good one.

    1. I’ve come to expect my life to be in a state of constant flux. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved all my original goals for any given round, but this is the challenge that knows we have a life. Whew! 🙂

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