Getting Ready for Camp


No sleeping on the ground.

No mosquitoes.

No dreary days stuck in a tent because of the rain.

Sounds like my kind of camp.

This week, I’m gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo.

Many of you know about the crazy people – I mean AMAZING people – who sign up in November to write 50,000 words. Can you imagine?

Well, I’ve imagined it several times but never actually taken the plunge, but attending a writing camp where I can set my own goal, now that is something I can get enthusiastic about. And the benefit of not needing bug spray helps too.

What am I doing to get ready?

Seek to Get My Current Projects Well in Hand

It’s a little like leaving the house in reasonable shape before hitting the road. I don’t want to think of all the other things I should be doing while I’m writing.

Commit to My Fitness Plan

Since I’ve joined a fitness challenge that also begins next week, I need to set specific goals and cross them off my list each day so I can commit to writing.


I cannot sing the praises loud enough of carefully plotting a novel. However . . . I’m coming to think that Draft 1 has to be completed pantser-style. I just have to write. The paring down and reworking will come later, but if I spend too much time editing as I go, I stall out.

So, if you follow me to camp, drive carefully. You may just find me tossing things out the window all along the way.

Stock Up on Duct Tape

It fixes everything, right?

The one thing I plan to use it for is silencing the voices of the inner – and possibly outer – critics. But you have so much else to do. You know the process; it takes FOREVER. Aren’t there already far more novels in the world than needed? Much more skilled authors are still waiting to be published. If it succeeds, can you really keep pumping out new material? Will anyone want to read women’s fiction written by a children’s author? (You know you don’t want to give that up.)

What did I tell you?

Does duct tape come in bulk?


I’ve made some commitments that I can’t set aside for an entire month, so I’ll have to toss them in my dufflebag. My son can pack for a two-week European vacation in one piece of carry-on. Perhaps, I’ll get some pointers from him.

Choose a Campsite Out of Satellite Range . . . and Stay There

Last time round I kept changing my destination. “Recalculating!”

This is one time I don’t want my GPS to work.

I have chosen my site. It is lush and green, but it will require a significant hike – to get back out. I will be settling in the Valley of 10,000 Words.

There is an opening at the end of the valley, but it leads to the Valleys of 20,000 and 30,000 Words. I’ll leave those campsites for the more experienced campers.

It’s going to be great. So, who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Camp

  1. ramonafurst

    You’ve made me laugh. I feel encouraged, but most of all I’m glad to hear someone else struggles with being so careful to write the first edition one never fully gets off the ground!

    Duct tape!?!? Let me tell you about my duct tape stories. But no, that should be a separate post. This is one kind of camping I’d be willing to try.


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