12 Photos and What They Say to Me



Not all beauty is easily identifiable. Plus, it truly is in the eye of the beholder.


It’s easy to miss the everyday truths that can be seen all around us.

I take many photographs of bridges and paths. They speak to me of what lies ahead.


The oddest things can make us nostalgic.

I loved to pull apart milkweed pods when I was a child; now I love to take pictures of them.


As a child, I often fed chipmunks sunflower seeds from my hand, as did my three now-grown children.

It’s fun to remember doing so – and sharing my love of chipmunks with my son’s girlfriend.


I discovered the beauty of a single drop of rain through the lens of my camera.

If you can’t tell, taking photos is one of my greatest joys.


Although we never had window boxes when I was a child, I am strangely drawn to them.

Though my thumb is the opposite of green, I am thankful for a husband who loves to garden.


And speaking of window boxes . . . not all are the same.

As the old Arby’s slogan goes, “Different is good.”


I have always loved waterlilies. They may be my favourite flower.

I was surprised to learn that they come in many different colours.


I was so glad that I had my camera with me when this butterfly was busy gathering nectar from the clematis that grew on our front porch a number of years ago.


I took this picture while visiting my co-author in Huntsville.

For some reason, I find this scene very inviting – and what a writing prompt!


Though I’ve used this picture countless times, I wanted to do so again.

In it are pictured four of my very favouritest people: my mom (whom I still miss) and my three kiddiddles.


Taking selfies can be fun, especially when walking with your favourite guy.

He is one of the many blessings in my life I, for sure, don’t deserve.




4 thoughts on “12 Photos and What They Say to Me

  1. ramonafurst

    You my friend are a treasure. Multi talented and you capture in words and in photographs God’s riches, royally and regally displayed out of doors and through His children.

    Where is you when I need you?? I’m looking out of a bay window that’s facing West.

    Georgian Bay changes minute by minute. I/we could spend all day painting and taking photographs of the horizon and never be bored. Like right now. Moody, churning slate blue waves are pounding the shoreline. The winds have picked up. Environment Canada called for strong winds. 15- 30 knots. A horizontal stripe of white is the only relief of varying shades of black and gray along the mainland. I’ve had to rush out and take in the laundry off of the clothes line and close the windows. The forecasted rain, wind, thunder and lightning for tonight is now a reality.

    I’ve noticed that the water lily’s this year in the back haven’t shown up. I wonder what that means. Are they late? Was the winter so harsh for the sheltered back bay they’ve in a funk and sulking? But then why are the wild roses, hence the name Rose Island, sweetening up the back of the cottage? They usually show up in August!

    My hubby the engineer will be thrilled that there’s another person in love with bridges. That’s his speciality don’t you know.

    I’m watching the swinging hummingbird feeder right now. Why do hummers seem to revel in wind? Wish you were here to photograph everything so I can wistfully watercolour my way through December, January, February….


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