First ROW80 Round 3 Sunday Check-In

Beavers in a Row Boat

Time for the first Sunday check-in of Round 4

Writing Goals

Keeping on track with my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo check

My weekly blogging goals are to write three posts for SNEI beyond my weekly ROW80 check-ins, one for Monday Motivation on the topic of writing, and one for Kimberley Payne’s site on the topic of fitness. I posted once to SNEI and got my guest posts sent off.

I also plan to write one or two times per month for my website as well as writing monthly for He Cares for You. – hopefully this coming week

NOTE: I also have two additional guest posts to write, and I signed on for a blog hop later in the month.

I have been asked to be a copywriter for a local website designer. This work includes writing four 700-word articles for seniors each month. These projects will obviously take top priority, being paying work and all. I was able to get one article written this week, better than leaving all four to the last week of the month.

Editing Goals

– whatever work comes my way I’ll hopefully be starting a major job this week, and there are others on the horizon.

Reading Goals

– one novel and one non-fiction book per month I’m on track to finish at least one novel and reread Don McNair’s Editor-Proof Your Writing

Submitting Goals

– submit something (a picture book or short piece) to a paying market each week – maybe two this coming week

Skills Development Goals

– complete the online writing for children course I’m taking I should have this done this week or next.

Platform Building Goals

It’s time; let’s do this! I’m reading some posts and an ebook on the subject.

ROW80-Related Goals

– weekly posts Here I am. 🙂

– visit “my peeps” on Mondays and Thursdays I was a smidge late this week, but we’ll “blame” it on my hubby wanting to do some vacationy things on his week off.

Fitness Goals

– complete the challenge I signed on for this month Things are going well in this regard . . . except the change in the barometric pressure causing headaches. Bleh!

– use the challenge as a jumpstart to exercising more and eating better Even after two weeks, sweets don’t hold anywhere near the same appeal. I love getting into the healthy eating habit in the summer when there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available.

So, my fellow ROWers, how was your first week?


22 thoughts on “First ROW80 Round 3 Sunday Check-In

  1. Awesome start, Steph! My first week was great – working on my update is a little hard, for reasons that will be in that post, and which I don’t want to spend the whole day dwelling upon.

    I hope your week of vacationy goodness has filled you up for all those things you’ve got planned in the coming days!

      1. Most of my blazing this week will be getting ready for a camping trip I’ve barely started preparing for…!

        May you enjoy the blazing-forth!

      2. I never camped, growing up. I do love it, though. So happy to have married me a camping man, even if he’ll be working this weekend. He planted a seed that’s definitely blossomed!

      3. It does look like the weather will be perfect. I’m slowly pulling my stuff together, with some help from the kids.

        The company will be wonderful, and the scenery peacefully beautiful.

      4. My camera battery is charged, my SD card is big and empty, and the camera’s in my pocketbook.

        And my Monday post will be a mostly pictorial recap, so…yeah I’ll be taking pictures.

  2. It’s kind of awesome strangeness how just a few weeks of dietary changes can alter your perception of flavors…. Enjoy those fresh fruits and veggies, Steph.

    And the paying work too. Good for you getting a piece done earlier in the month. Keep that rhythm.

      1. Sorry to hear about the fall through… but as you say “It’s the life.” You’re still making progress and reaching for new horizons.

  3. nicolenally

    I love the goals you have, all measurable and easy to follow. They’ve also got a lovely amount of balance too, not just focusing on writing but on the other life stuff too.
    More importantly I found your progress really easy to read and understand. I might have to do that for my next RoW80 check in because the last one read like gobbledegook.
    Good luck with your goals in the future and remember to keep having fun!

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