Bounty from the Market and ROW Check-In


I have lived in the same city for almost 32 years. I’ve often thought, “I really should go to the farmers’ market on Saturday morning.” Guess what? I never did . . . until this year. And now, it’s one of the highlights of my week.

This past Saturday I didn’t have any other obligations, and I could stay as long as I wanted. It truly was like Christmas in July. Except for the packages of fresh meat, everything on the table came from the farmers’ market. The meat came from a different market, one I’ve only eaten at. (They have a deli too.)

As you can see, I splurged on a bouquet of sunflowers. I really needed two bouquets to fill the vase. Maybe next week. 🙂

Although I am thankful for the abundance that I find at the grocery store, after acquiring my new addiction, I have changed my way of thinking – and my way of shopping. As long as the market is open, I hope to get there weekly.

Needless to say, reigniting my enthusiasm for fresh fruits and veggies has made it easier to eat well. Hopefully, this 30-Day Fitness Challenge, which is soon coming to a close, will only be the springboard to reacquiring a healthier lifestyle. The more I eat nutritious foods, the more I want to . . . and the less sweets and processed foods appeal to me. (The cheesecake I ate yesterday didn’t really taste all that great – and cheesecake is my favourite.)

I am incredibly thankful for the abundance of nutritious foods readily available to me.

ROW Logo

Writing Goals

I’m on track with my Camp NaNo goal of 20,000 words. I have not, however, made headway on my novel. I’m still debating shortening it to a short story or novella.

I’ve written guest posts for Kimberley Payne and Janis Cox. I also wrote my weekly post for Christian Editing Services.

Last Monday, I wrote the third of four articles re: seniors living. (I have been commissioned to write four per month.)

My goal for this week is to write two preschool picture book manuscripts as well as at least four blog posts – maybe even focus on my novel as Camp NaNo comes to an end.

Editing Goals

There are jobs hovering in the queue. I wonder if it will be a it-doesn’t-rain-but-it-pours scenario in the next little while, but that would be okay. A downpour is better than a famine for the bank account.

Submission Goals

Since I’m behind, my plan is to submit Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this coming week.

Reading Goals

I hope to finish R.J. Anderson’s Knife this week plus an unpublished manuscript a good friend forwarded to me. I would also like to begin re-reading Catherine West’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow and maybe some nonfiction too.

Fitness Goals

The fact that Kimberley made the beta test of her new fitness challenge a competition helped me stay motivated. After all, I’m earning ballots for my team, not just myself. To stay on track, I may set up a little competition of my own – maybe try to beat my score from the previous week come August.

This is the last week of the challenge, and I plan, Lord willing, to end strong.

I’m walking more (cardio), doing more resistance training (with heavier weights), drinking more water (finally), eating more fruits and veggies and less sweets and processed foods. Plus, I’m throwing out less. I know it’s wrong to waste any food. but I especially don’t want to waste the wonderful fresh food I buy at the market.

So, ROWers, how way your week? What is your #1 goal for the week ahead?


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